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Plant an App - Low Code Development Platform

Plant an App - Low Code Development Platform

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Enable human-robot cooperation by quickly building and deploying business apps that can communicate with robots both ways.



Plant an App is a service that helps companies big & small to quickly create & implement custom business apps across the web for desktop & mobile.

Making Business Apps Accessible to All

Looking to improve your business or simply starting from scratch?

Plant an App provides the tools and knowledge that gets you started in the right direction, all in a safe and secure cloud-based environment. Our UiPath integrations allows real time, bi-directional, cooperation between humans and robots.

Increase Efficiency

Get rid of redundant data entry, collect figures in real-time & save hours of work by automating procedures and integrating robots into otherwise human drive processes.

Organize Process

Never miss another deadline due to outdated processes & paperwork, our built in tool set can streamline your daily routine by having robots doing the heavy lifting.

Eliminate Risk

Improve company compliance, engage best practices & decrease liability when you work on a secure cloud network.

Establish Partners

Plant An App provides access to our global network of integrated partners to help excel your business to the next level.



Build Almost Anything Growing a business requires software that grows with you & your customers. Plant an App allows you the flexibility to build and expand applications. Don’t waste resources hiring a programmer. Plant an App can handle almost any application development including complicated processes like: Internal Tools Intranets Internet facing apps SaaS systems for consumers Backend systems for mobile Prototype apps Save Money Plant an App will save time, money and the headache of having a developer. Don’t waste resources hiring a programmer. Plant an App can handle almost any application development including complicated processes like: Server Infrastructure Scaling User Interface Automating Processes for Data Web Security 3rd party Services & Plugins Easy Integration Our apps talk to each other on a private network through secure tunnels. Enable secure communication through your organization with an established architecture. Add new functionality to your existing workflow.. UiPath Robots Salesforce Dynamics CRM Authorize.NET Mailchimp Push Notifications SMS Gateways Streamline Security Relax knowing that your content is safe on a secure cloud-based infrastructure. Security is our top priority and the foundation of our company. We aim to deliver the highest standard possible and ensure our apps include… AWS Cloud Security DDos Protection VPN Established Connections SSL Certificates Powerful Firewall Free Security Updates Global Network Access Our network of partners is available to you and includes hundreds of consultants & companies that have industry specific expertise. Plant an App can pair you with a partner that matches your criteria to help accelerate the transformation of ideas into apps.

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Additional Information


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Plant an App

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February 19, 2020

Works with

Studio: 18.3 - 22.10


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