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Production-Planning App Template for SAP

Production-Planning App Template for SAP

by UiPath



Process Mining App Template





Use your SAP data to analyze your Production Planning process.



UiPath Process Mining and SAP ECC Production Planning

Robust Suite of Pre-configured App Templates

UiPath Process Mining offers a robust suite of pre-configured app templates tailored to diverse processes and source systems. These templates serve as a superb foundational framework for the development of bespoke process applications.

The essence of Process Mining lies in harnessing the digital trails left within your systems and applications to yield a comprehensive perspective of your operational workflows. Every facet of your processes is meticulously documented and presented.

These app templates are highly adaptable, permitting seamless customization to align precisely with your unique business imperatives. Furthermore, they can be augmented with tailored dashboards and KPIs, empowering business stakeholders to delve deeply into process monitoring and analysis.

SAP ECC Production Planning App Template

One such example is the app template designed specifically for the SAP ECC Production Planning process. This process encompasses an end-to-end journey, typically commencing with the initiation of a production order. Subsequently, the production order undergoes the release phase, followed by the execution of its operations. Concurrently, the production confirmation is generated, and material movements such as 'Post goods issue for material consumption' and 'Post goods receipt of the finished product' are executed. Finally, the production order culminates in the 'Technically completed' status, marking the conclusion of the process.

This process entails three distinct types of Production orders:

  • Standard Production Orders
  • Process Orders
  • Re-work Orders

Leverage this purpose-built app template to gain profound insights into the SAP ECC Production Planning process, elevating your operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.



  • Complete Transparency: Gain full visibility into your Production-Planning processes on SAP.
  • Identify Process Improvement Opportunities: Discover potential areas for process enhancement to achieve significant business outcomes.
  • Optimize Automation: Determine where automation can deliver the greatest value and take focused actions to streamline your Production-Planning processes, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Proactively monitor your Production-Planning processes to identify issues in real-time and make well-informed decisions that drive business impact.



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July 12, 2024

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