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Professional Automation Services for UiPath

Professional Automation Services for UiPath

by OMM Solutions GmbH



OMM Solutions GmbH is your dedicated partner for robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services. Our mission is to drive your business towards successful digital transformation, and our services span across the entire RPA lifecycle:

  • Analysis: We collaborate with you to understand your business processes, identify automation opportunities, and design a unique, goal-oriented automation strategy.
  • Architecture: Our team designs robust, scalable, and secure automation systems that are tailored to meet your current needs and flexible enough to adapt to future changes.
  • Implementation: Our experts ensure seamless deployment of automated workflows, leveraging best industry practices to create solutions that deliver significant business value.
  • Workshops, Classes, and Lessons: We empower our clients through education, offering engaging and relevant training sessions that cater to various levels of proficiency.
  • Maintenance: We provide regular checks, updates, and system tweaks post-implementation, ensuring your RPA solutions perform optimally at all times.
  • Operations: We monitor and maintain the health of your RPA systems, providing support and resolving issues promptly to ensure smooth business operations.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional RPA. We are proficient in:

  • Document Understanding: We utilize AI and Machine Learning to extract, interpret, and organize information from various document types.
  • Artificial Intelligence: We incorporate intelligent automation into your processes, utilizing AI to create solutions that improve over time through learning.
  • Infrastructure: We design, manage, and optimize IT environments to support the seamless operation of your automated processes.
  • Testing: We provide thorough testing to ensure flawless performance and consistency in your RPA systems.
  • Process Mining: We visualize and analyze your business processes, identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for automation.

At OMM Solutions GmbH, we believe in driving meaningful outcomes through advanced automation, setting your business up for sustainable success in the digital era.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

  • Document Understanding: Using AI and Machine Learning for data extraction and interpretation.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Enhancing processes with AI-driven solutions.
  • Infrastructure: Ensuring seamless operations through expert infrastructure management.
  • Testing: Conducting rigorous tests for flawless performance.
  • Process Mining: Employing advanced techniques for business process optimization.


OMM Solutions GmbH

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July 6, 2023


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