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rapidMATION for K2

rapidMATION for K2

by rapidMATION






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This activity pack helps achieve faster integration between the K2 and UiPath platforms and brings together the worlds of human centric workflow and software bots.

K2 is a powerful low-code process automation platform and whether you are using Nintex K2 Cloud, or Nintex K2 Five, you can now easily interact with the K2 platform directly from UiPath.

This rapidMATION activity pack for K2 provides methods for:

Defining a K2 Scope
  • This allows you to easily setup a connection to your K2 environment and reuse the connection as needed.
  • The K2 Scope supports both Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Basic Authentication.
Starting K2 workflows
  • This allows you to start a K2 workflow process directly from UiPath.
  • You can pass arguments to K2 workflows which gives you the ability to set any K2 process data fields as well as set the Folio, Priority, and the Expected Duration of the K2 process for a specific Workflow ID.
  • Once the K2 workflow has been started you can get access to the Workflow Instance ID.
Getting K2 tasks
  • This allows you to get access to any tasks on the K2 task list.
  • You can get K2 tasks in any of the following states: All, Allocated, Available, Open or Sleep.
  • You can loop through the K2 tasks and get access to all K2 task details including the Folio, Form URL, and more.
Finishing K2 server events
  • K2 Server Events are used in K2 when K2 is waiting for an external system to complete an action.
  • The finish K2 server event allows you to tell K2 that this action has been completed directly from UiPath.
  • You can pass in the K2 Serial Number and any accompanying K2 parameters to set K2 process data fields.



By combining the K2 and UiPath platforms you can bring together the worlds of Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

This will allow you to easily combine the worlds of human centric workflow and software bots to create an end-to-end Intelligent Automation process where software bots can be used to automate any tedious, mundane, or repetitive task.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)



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Mar 8, 2023

Works with

Studio: 21.10 - 22.10


Gold Certified


Phone: +61 280 033 582

Email: Hello@rapidMATION.com

Link: https://www.rapidMATION.com

5 business days

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