Robotics Operation Center

Robotics Operation Center

by Accelirate, Inc.



By utilizing Accelirate Managed Services your organization can accelerate new solution creation by allowing developers to focus on new projects and implementations while ensuring automations in production are being monitored, maintained and improved upon.

Automation Monitoring: Need for all or some automations to be actively monitored to ensure successful completion. Examples: time sensitive automations, high financial impact automations, or bots that must follow regulatory requirements.

Automation Incidents/Failures: Need for handling when an automation fails, doesn’t start or get stuck in production. Examples: VMs need to be restarted for automations to be rerun, inputs have incorrect format, bot gets stuck often on websites/applications, or credentials need to be reset.

Code Changes: Need for business logic changes, bug fixes, code improvement, code standardization, or constant selector changes. Examples: website/application interfaces change often, code was built incorrectly, new features to be added to the automation.

Platform/Environment: Need for platform maintenance, upgrades, virtual machine/application monitoring and troublesho

oting. Examples: RPA Platform is running on an older version, automations don’t start on time, or virtual machines/ applications cause issues with processing.

Managed ROC Packages:

  • Standard Automation Dashboards
  • Monthly Activity and Utilization Reports
  • Capacity Reviews
  • Annual Automation Monitoring & Support Planning

Features: With ROC Monitoring and Support save time, money, and headache from:

  • Automation Errors and Issues
  • Downtime
  • Code Corrections and Changes
  • Business Process and Application Changes
  • Input and Output Issues
  • Dashboard and Reporting Struggles

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Accelirate is the largest niche RPA, AI and end-to-end Intelligent Automation managed services provider in partnership with UiPath in the United States, Colombia, and India delivery centers. Our mission is to help companies accelerate their business processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cognitive technologies such as AI and machine learning, natural language processing, and smart OCR. We have experience in enterprise automation across a variety of industries.


Accelirate, Inc.

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Data Confidentiality Assurance: Your data's confidentiality is paramount. Accelirate guarantees that no client information will be disclosed to third parties without explicit consent. Compliance and Tailored Solutions: Our Test Automation solutions adhere to industry standards and regulations, providing bespoke solutions aligned with your unique requirements. Transparent Communication and Continuous Support: Accelirate ensures clear communication, offering regular updates on the progress.


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