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InstaBot for Oracle EBS General Ledger

InstaBot for Oracle EBS General Ledger

by AuraPlayer



Partner Solution

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Create an efficient GL journal entry process by automating data entry without worrying about accuracy, stability, and speed.



AuraPlayer’s Oracle EBS General Ledger InstaBot is a journal entry tool that provides a risk-free, low overhead automation template to run workflows via UiPath sequence. It enables financial transactions to be uploaded in batch to the organization’s General Ledger from a CSV file. Ensure greater efficiency, accuracy, and stability from your Oracle General Ledger workflows. The automation inserts, updates and saves the required Oracle data, and returns status bar and error messages, then closes and exits the application.

The price for this InstaBot includes a flow-specific AuraPlayer license, installation, and configuration of the AuraPlayer Service Manager, deployment, and annual support for the use case. An AuraPlayer consultant will be hands-on to assist in getting the InstaBot set up in both development and production environments.



  • Prebuilt Unattended Automated Oracle EBS workflow is packaged as a Bot based on best practices defined by Oracle EBS  experts.
  • Automatically imports and runs the InstaBot sequence in minutes.
  • The InstaBot is robust to UI changes and EBS patches.
  • Support for customizations, dynamic pop-ups, and Oracle error messages.
  • Unlimited end users of the mobile apps.
  • S&M*** for the year.
  • Package includes up to 25 hours of customization to bridge the gap between packaged app and custom use case.

Additional Information

Additional Information


AuraPlayer does not require any special hardware or software to run. It leverages your existing Oracle General Ledger system into the RPA world. Oracle EBS from version 12.1 and up and Oracle Forms version 10g and up are supported. Please contact Tamar at tamar@auraplayer.com for licensing information.



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Dec 7, 2022


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Phone: +1 (197) 351-8027

Email: support@auraplayer.com

Link: https://auraplayer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Our License Terms can be found at: https://auraplayer.com/eula/ Please contact Tamar at tamar@auraplayer.com for additional licensing information.


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