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Accelerate automation of Salesforce applications with native activities powered by the Salesforce Lightning Platform REST API.



Enhancing Salesforce Automation with UiPath Activities

To automate operations in Salesforce, previously you could only use UI automation. Now you can also use the UiPath Salesforce Activities package from the Official Feed in Studio.

These activities go beyond UI automation by using the Salesforce Lightning Platform API. Easy to use with Configuration wizards, these activities operate on both standard and custom Salesforce objects.

Streamlining Salesforce Operations: A Closer Look at Key Activities

These activities can be used to automate sales operations such as quote to order processes, field service scenarios, customer service scenarios, and more.

Activities include:

Record Management in Salesforce

Advanced Data Handling and Queries

  • Execute Report - Executes a report in Salesforce and returns the results in a DataTable variable.
  • Execute SOQL - Executes a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) command in Salesforce and returns the query results in a DataTable.
  • Search - Executes a parameterized search in Salesforce.

File Operations within Salesforce

  • Upload File - Uploads a new file or a new version for an existing file in Salesforce.
  • Assign File - Assigns a file to a record in Salesforce with user defined sharing and visibility settings, returning a status of the operation.
  • Download File - Downloads a file from Salesforce, identifying it by its ID.

Bulk Operations via Salesforce API

Data Formatting and Custom Requests

  • Format Column Names - Replaces the names of columns in a specified DataTable variable.
  • Format Labels And Values - Formats the specified text according to a list of values and a list of labels from Salesforce. Based on the specified lists, extracts all values and labels that can be found in the input text.

Lightning REST API Request - a generic activity that uses the Salesforce Application Scope to invoke any Lightning REST API not available as a native activity in this activity pack.



Key features for UiPath Salesforce Activities Package

  • Reduce process execution time from minutes to few seconds.
  • Build automations that are independent of user interface and layout changes in Salesforce.
  • Test activities from within UiPath Studio during design time using the Salesforce Object Wizard.
  • Reduce learning time with consistent user experience across activities for different business applications.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.Json [11.0.2, ) RestSharp [106.3.1, ) CsvHelper [2.13.5, )

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