Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce Integration Services

by Smartbridge



Smartbridge provides advisory services, implementation and customizations to support your Salesforce RPA needs.

One of the most efficient ways to maximize your Salesforce investment is to integrate Robotic Process Automation technology. Combining RPA and Salesforce can render both specific and cross-functional benefits within an organization’s departments. Through streamlining rule-based processes, this integration can have a major impact on critical customer-facing teams.

Here are some practical examples we’ve seen first hand:


  • Automate Suspensions/Rejections: Sales teams can be notified of suspension and rejection notices in an expedited manner, without any human interaction or manual triggers.
  • Contract Management: Important instances like contract or document expiration dates can be continuously monitored by RPA bots, and trigger notifications automatically. This can reduce opportunities lost through missed deadlines.
  • Escalating Customer Issues: Business rules can be put in place within your CRM system that escalate customer account issues, keeping key parties notified of important events within the customer life cycle.
  • Chatbots: Enhanced customer self-service can be achieved by integrating RPA AppExchange Packages and “Einstein Bots” in Salesforce. This results in work retention, faster resolution turnarounds and expedited case deflection.


  • Data Entry: Automatically import data from external applications into your Salesforce system, giving your employees time to accomplish more valuable tasks.
  • Billing & Invoice Generation: Through rule-based algorithms, invoices can automatically be processed and generated with RPA. Those invoices can then be sent from the Salesforce system, or from specific categories or departments.
  • Exporting Reports from Salesforce: Not every business user has access to the Salesforce platform, especially in larger organizations. Further, there are many cases where those types of users still need access to reports compiled there. With RPA, these reports can be exported, configured and distributed to external parties.


  • Reduction in Maintenance Efforts: Since RPA performs system tasks essentially free of mistakes, significant time is saved troubleshooting, finding and resolving system errors. IT and infrastructure teams can now spend more time assisting with innovative opportunities within Salesforce.
  • Integrating Salesforce with Outside Applications: RPA can seamlessly integrate Salesforce with API-less systems, when tools like Mulesoft or Dell Boomi aren’t the best fit. external sources, ensuring data doesn’t get skewed in the migration process.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Smartbridge is a UiPath Certified Professional Services Certification (USN) partner.

We deliver UiPath integration services to companies mid-to-enterprise sized, and all across the US. Our UiPath professional services are complimented by our full range of services, including data, analytics, systems integration and modernization, AI & ML. We are Salesforce & Microsoft partners and enjoy uncovering opportunities to automate processes across your core business systems.



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