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SAP BAPI Activity Pack

SAP BAPI Activity Pack

by UiPath







Access the data you need through direct SAP BAPI integration.



Revolutionizing SAP Automation: Overview of UiPath SAP BAPI Activities Pack

The SAP BAPI Activities pack enables RPA developers to invoke a SAP Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) directly from a UiPath Robot via an easy-to-use interface. The package comes with a scope activity, SAP Application Scope, that enables the user to connect to a SAP system and use a Invoke SAP BAPI activity to invoke a specified BAPI.

Core Components of the SAP BAPI Activities Pack

This list below includes App Integration related activities found in the UiPath SAP BAPI Activities pack:

  • SAP Application Scope - Establishes the connection to a SAP system and provides a scope for multiple subsequent operations by use of the Invoke SAP BAPI activity.
  • Open SAP Connection - Opens a connection to SAP, enabling you to invoke BAPI workflows.
  • Close SAP Connection - Closes the SAP connection.
  • Invoke SAP BAPI - Enables you to invoke a BAPI in a SAP system to which a connection is established by use of the SAP Application Scope. This activity only functions inside of a SAP Application Scope activity.

Technical Prerequisites and Integration Tools

The 32bit (x86) .NET 4.0 Variant of the SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET 3.0 (NCo 3.0) is a prerequisite for this activity pack. This connector also requires the Microsoft C++ Runtime DLL version 10.0 (this is contained in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package). Your SAP Administrator should be able to provide the installer.

Extending SAP Automation Capabilities with UiPath Marketplace

You can find a collection of pre-built integrations and activities specifically for SAP customers on UiPath Marketplace. It includes UiPath native integrations into SAP applications such as SAP BAPI and SAP SuccessFactors as well as UiPath Accelerators for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA for Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement and Basis Administration. These Accelerators contain pre-built automations for the most used transactions in SAP to enable you to build your automations on top of SAP faster.



Advantages of Adopting SAP BAPI Activities Pack

  • Reduce development time and maintenance costs with stable BAPI based automations.
  • Improve interoperability across SAP releases and versions.

Additional Information

Additional Information


ClosedXML >= 0.87.1 DocumentFormat.OpenXml >= 2.5.0 SAP .Net Connector



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Dec 12, 2023

Works with

Studio: 21.10 - 22.10


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