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SAP Integration Services with UiPath

SAP Integration Services with UiPath

by Smartbridge



Smartbridge provides advisory services, implementation, and customizations to support your SAP ERP process automation needs.

One of the most efficient ways to maximize your SAP investment is to integrate Robotic Process Automation technology. Combining RPA and ERP can render cross-functional benefits within an organization’s departments. Through streamlining rule-based processes, this integration can have a major impact on critical internal reconciliation teams.

Here are some practical examples we’ve seen firsthand:

Finance and Supply Chain Functions

  • Automate Finance Reconciliation: Bots will utilize the UiPath UI, API and Database Activities to perform the mundane finance transactions reconciliation across different functions and enable the users to only work on exceptions.
  • Contract / Project funds monitoring: Bots will utilize the UiPath Document Understanding, Excel, and SAP Activities Library to pull the data and monitor the contract or project budget against the booked costs/revenue and trigger notifications automatically. This can reduce overages in costs or missed revenue.
  • AR Collection: Bots will utilize the API Activities, Database and Excel activities to perform various business rules to perform credit analysis and send notifications to customers with pending payments using the Twilio UiPath Library. This will result in the timely collection of pending invoices and improve cash flow.
  • AP Invoice Automation: UiPath Document Understanding can be used to process vendor invoices received from various channels and automate the consumption, validation, and routing for required approvals. The Bots will use the SAP Activities, JSON activities, Excel to extract data and validate to look for approaching due dates and process invoices in a timely manner. This would result in reducing any penalties for late payments or taking advantage of pre-pay discounts if any.
  • Inventory Replenishment: UiPath Bots perform SAP Activities to read Sales orders and check for available inventory to notify the supply chain team using email and Twilio library to replenish the inventory and fulfill the sales orders. This increases customer satisfaction and has a positive impact on cash flow.
  • Chatbots: UiPath Druid Chatbots will enhance customer and vendor self-service by integrating UiPath AppExchange Packages and SAP data like Address Update, Order Lookup, Inventory Lookup, Invoice Status, etc. This results in reducing errors related to customer and vendor data, faster resolution turnarounds for your key partners, and relieves department users in dealing with mundane requests.


  • Data Entry:  Bots will utilize UiPath libraries to import data from external applications into your SAP system, giving your employees time to accomplish more valuable tasks.
  • Billing & Invoice Generation: Bots will utilize the SAP Libraries and perform through rule-based algorithms and generate invoices in your SAP system. Those invoices can then be sent out to the customer in a timely manner and increase cash flow.
  • Exporting Reports from SAP: Not every business user has access to your SAP platform, especially in larger organizations. With UiPath Bots, the required reports can be exported, configured and distributed to external/internal parties via email or shared location.


  • Reduction in Maintenance Efforts: UiPath Bots will be programmed to perform system tasks consistently and help with significant time savings for troubleshooting, finding, and resolving system errors. IT and infrastructure teams can now spend more time assisting with innovative opportunities within the SAP systems.
  • Integrating SAP with Outside Applications: UiPath Bots will seamlessly integrate your SAP system’s various applications using the UI and API libraries without the need for a separate middleware system.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Smartbridge is a UiPath Certified Professional Services (USN) partner.

We deliver UiPath integration services to companies mid-to-enterprise size, and all across the US. Our UiPath professional services are complimented by our full range of services, including data, analytics, systems integration and modernization, AI & ML. We are a full service systems integration agency and enjoy uncovering opportunities to automate processes across your core business systems.



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