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SAP Material Ledger Closing Automation

SAP Material Ledger Closing Automation

by Auxiliobits, Inc.



Scalable and Robust Automation solutions for automating periodic material ledger closing for better efficiency and minimal operational costs.

Our holistic approach towards a fully automated enterprise allows us to work as a consultancy with process owners and SMEs to define a long term strategy and design their automation operating model. Our technical capabilities include requirement analysis, design, infrastructure management, license optimization, development, testing UAT and deployment.

We specialize in transforming a business to become a fully automated enterprise and realize a near, quick ROI. Our focus and niche have been process automation and supporting services like Process Mining, Document Understanding, Machine Learning (AI) and Infra Management. Please visit our case studies and blogs.

MLC (Material Ledger Closing): For this process, a BOT creates costing jobs to close materials of different company codes and then runs those jobs to execute the closing process. To accomplish this, the BOT first logs in to the SAP NetWeaver portal and downloads SAP Business Suite, navigates to the costing cockpit to create costings and execute jobs. After jobs execution, the BOT checks for job failures; in case of any job failure, it creates a ServiceNow ticket and sends an email.

Overview of Process Automation Steps

  1. On Day 1 the RPA bot allows the price determination and allows the closing entry. It rechecks the price determination and closing entry, checks the lock, the previous and current status of the plant.
  2. On Day 2 the RPA bot checks price determination and closing entry, lock, current and previous status.
  3. On Day 3 the bot first checks the current status. If the current status is not successful then it sends a mail to stakeholder/business users and creates a ServiceNow ticket. Then the bot checks the status of the query. If the query is finished successfully, it checks the post-execution, and the current status. If failed then the bot sends an email to the business user and creates a ServiceNow ticket.

Verticals and Domains

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • ECommerce

Services Provided

  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Solution Design to optimize license usage
  • Setting up Test and Production environments
  • Solution Implementation and Development
  • Infrastructure Setup and Management
  • Process Analytics using tools like Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Building Automation Operating Model
  • Fully outsourced or Hybrid CoE
  • RPA Best Practices including documentaton

Automation Types Supported:

  • Attended
  • Unattended
  • Hybrid

UiPath Products Used:

  • Studio
  • Orchestrator
  • AI Center
  • Document Understanding (DU)
  • Action Center
  • Test Manager
  • Process Mining
  • Automation Hub

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Our intelligent automation solutions are built on our 30 years of experience in business process management across enterprise public and private sector environments. Experts in SAP Automation

Automation Team:

  • UiPath Silver Partner
  • Certified UiPath Developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, & Infrastructure Engineers
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration capabilities, including custom activities
  • Process Analytics and Infra management teams


Auxiliobits, Inc.

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February 21, 2024


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Auxiliobits supports all custom work according to the contractual statement of work agreed upon between Auxiliobits and its customers.

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