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Sofigate - ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath

Sofigate - ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath

by Sofigate





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ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath bridges the gap in Service Management by uniting UiPath and ServiceNow, world’s best SaaS based Service Management platform and market leader in the ITSM



ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath helps you to execute automated service management processes using ServiceNow. RPA workflows, that are using ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath, are fast to set up. With ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath customers have been able to cut down at minimum 50% from implementation and maintenance costs (compared to traditional ServiceNow fulfiller user UI based RPA implementation). Running speed of the ServiceNow processes with custom activities is normally at least four times faster than regular processes.

By using ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath, you can build your Service Management processes fast and reliably in UiPath Studio. With ready-made activities, you can manage multiple data tables and process steps in same workflows with minimal workload. You can use multiple sessions such as different instances in workflows to transfer data fast without traditional integrations.

Solution features at a glance:

  1. Easy installation to UiPath Studio or UiPath Robot
  2. Easy access to ServiceNow instance via robots
  3. User interface independent solution (REST API)
  4. Absolutely no configuration required in ServiceNow
  5. Integration to UiPath Orchestrator for inbound actions

The activity pack is built to use ServiceNow’s Table API through RESTful webservice calls. The solution makes integration between ServiceNow and Robotic Process Automation reliable and fast to set up. It also makes your automated processes rapid and errorless.

Available Drag-and-Drop Activities:

  • Task Management (Including All Task Types: INC, PRB, CHG, REL, …)
  • Service Desk Call Management
  • Read and Update Knowledge Articles
  • Read and Update CMDB CIs
  • Read and Update Service Catalog Items
  • Event and Alert Management

Ready-made activities for signing in to ServiceNow, fetching the tickets, tasks and configuration items allows you to quickly and easily build service management processes in UiPath Studio.

Advantages of our solution are combined Robotics as a Service type of Process Automation - e.g. UiPath in the Cloud - to our ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath including related consultancy services that will help customers to take their process automation to the next level.

NOTE! In order to start using ServiceNow Activity Pack for UiPath, license key is required. If you do not have license key, you can contact for trial license.



Overall, this solution gives more scalability to your services, increases operational efficiency and service quality. With ServiceNow Activity Pack, service availability is higher and customer experience is improved. Service deployment is also more efficient.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Company should have ServiceNow in use and user should have ServiceNow credentials for the robot to access the ServiceNow instance.

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)

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