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Solution Design Workflow Generator

Solution Design Workflow Generator

by Jeevith Hegde





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This library translates a SDD document (created in Microsoft Visio) to UiPath workflows which can later be consumed in any UiPath Project



In any RPA Project, the collboration between the Solution Architect and RPA Developers is critical to deliver robust automation solutions.

In addition, the primary goal of any RPA CoE is to deliver automation projects in the most effective way possible. Any large sized RPA project requires increased developer efforts in creating standardized workflows as per the company/CoE standards.

Imagine, a Solution Architect has proposed an automation Solution and has a detailed UML diagram created in a charting software. In this case, the design includes a dispatcher and a performer solution. 

The solution architect expects that the developers use this solution as a blueprint as much as they can to ensure smooth integration between different phases of the automation. However, when the RPA developers review the solution “translating the design” to robust workflows requires them to adhere to different development standards laid by the CoE. As a consequence, developers end up copying files/workflows from a previous project or have to copy a template workflow into the new project, rename, set arguments, set annotations etc. This is time consuming and repetative.

Only if there was a way to help streamline this “Translation” phase of the project!

Thats where our solution comes in. We have found an unique way to aid CoEs of RPA projects to automate the “translation phase” i.e., converting their “solution design” to UiPath Workflows.

The Solution 

  • The detailed Solution Design Document delivered from a Solution Architect (in this case drawn in Visio) is fed to our project as input, our automation extracts the details from the SDD and converts them into Logic and Wrapper workflows in UiPath Studio.
  • The automation creates all the necessary input and output arguments, annotations, picks the correct template for each of the logic and wrapper workflows which can then be consumed in any automation, for example in a REFramework project.
  • This solution has been used in our organization and has benefited us to streamline our design and build stages of RPA projects. It has allowed RPA developers to focus on building robust logic, rather than performing repitative tasks in setting up boilerplates in UiPath Studio.
  • In addition, the Solution Architect can be assured that the design has been mostly replicated in the developed code (developers can still have some choices to change the design).

A sample Solution Design Document in Microsoft Visio compatible with the automation can be found in this Google Drive link.

Transparency statement

We have not used any Large Language Model to aid us in developing this component / solution. The project and its source code were entirely human generated.


This activity is an improved version of our submission to UiPathHyperhack 2023. Thank you to my team members John and Fredrik and my employeer HEMIT for their support.



This library consists of one activity:

  1. CreateWorkflows

This activity creates Process Logic workflows and Wrapper Workflows, which consume the corresponding Process Logic Workflow. These workflows are created using the input data in the UML diagram of the solution design document (visio file). 

  1. You get full control over how and where the automation fails.
  2. Reuse these workflows in another project (RPA or Test automation) as these are standalone worfklows.

Additional Information

Additional Information


UiPath.System.Activities 23.4.5, UiPath.WebAPI.Activities [1.16.2, 1.16.2] SolutionDesignWorkflowGenerator.Activities.Library.Runtime 1.0.0

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)


Jeevith Hegde

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October 17, 2023

Works with

Studio: 22.10 - 23.10.1


Silver Certified


UiPath Studio


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