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Solution for Asset Management

Solution for Asset Management

by Eclatprime Digital




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Eclatprime's asset management solution provides automated inventory check, asset allocation with real-time notifications. Any org. which provides assets for employees can look to automate asset mgmt.



As part of asset management, it is a time consuming process to verify inventory, seek approvals for purchase orders. Poor communication due to absence of automatic emails causes unnecessary delays. Furthermore, a fragmented information on assets leading to data discrepancies.

Key processes:

• Any employee requesting for asset logs into portal/SharePoint and creating a request for asset replacement.

• The bot verifies the request and the date of the requirement, runs through inventory for stock availability.

• If inventory is present, asset is auto-allocated, inventory is updated & IT/Admin team is informed to handover the asset to the employee.

• If inventory is not present, the bot triggers approval request. On approval, bot raises a purchase order automatically and informs Admin team.

Solution features:

• Implemented on UiPath using 2021 version.

• Automatic login to internal portal/SharePoint.

• Business validations and decision making.

• Automatic update of inventory after auto-allocation.

• Integration with MS Outlook to monitor approval outcome.

• Automatic notifications to different business departments as required.

Licensing of the solution:

• The solution comes with commercial license from Eclatprime Digital

• The license cost would be on case-by-case basis depending on the size and range of the implementation required



• Automated maintenance scheduling reducing FTEs & increasing ROI.

• Proactive notification on asset inventory.

• Significant cost reduction via reduced delays, rework and errors.

• Improved compliance as everything bots do can be logged and tracked.

• Easily scalable for large scale organizations.

• Impeccable accuracy and the process can be tailored as per business requirements.

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Additional Information


UiPath, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, MS Outlook


Eclatprime Digital

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September 21, 2021

Works with

Studio: 21.1.1 - 22.10


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