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UiPath Process Mining TemplateOne-SingleFile

UiPath Process Mining TemplateOne-SingleFile

by UiPath



Process Mining App Template





Use a single event log to analyze any process.



UiPath Process Mining: A Comprehensive Guide

Versatile Dashboards for Operational Excellence

UiPath Process Mining offers a comprehensive suite of versatile dashboards that house an array of valuable information, key performance indicators, and analytical capabilities, each tailored to specific aspects of your operational processes. These dashboards are equipped with dynamic charts, providing a variety of data presentation options and serving as a valuable resource for dissecting your business processes in the absence of a dedicated app template.

Within a process application, based on the TemplateOne app template, every menu item incorporates these versatile dashboards, delivering essential information and analytical capabilities that are finely tuned to address specific facets of the associated process. These dashboards feature flexible charting options to visually interpret data in diverse formats. The process application encompasses distinct generic menus, with their corresponding dashboards, primarily categorized as "Overview" and "Analysis."

Overview Section

The "Overview" section encompasses a dashboard aptly named "Overview," which furnishes a comprehensive global perspective on the data. This dashboard provides insights into critical parameters such as the frequency of case occurrences over time, the multitude of process variations, and their respective frequencies.

Analysis Section

In the "Analysis" menu, users gain access to dashboards that present a graphical representation of the process, facilitating a deeper understanding of process flow and performance evaluation. The "Analysis" menu encompasses the following dashboards:

  1. Analysis - End to End: This dashboard enables a comprehensive evaluation of the end-to-end process concerning cases, allowing for in-depth analysis and optimization.
  2. Analysis - Event Analysis: Within this dashboard, users can delve into the end-to-end process specifically in the context of events, offering valuable insights and opportunities for process enhancement.

These UiPath Process Mining dashboards are invaluable tools for organizations seeking to gain deeper insights, enhance operational efficiency, and make data-driven decisions in the absence of specialized app templates.



  • Complete Transparency: Obtain a clear view of every stage of your processes.
  • Process Improvement Opportunities: Discover hidden opportunities to optimize and enhance your processes.
  • Strategic Automation: Identify areas where automation can deliver the most significant value.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your processes in real-time.

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