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Reporter for UiPath

Reporter for UiPath

by Vivek Ingole






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The ultimate Test Reporter solution you've been searching for.



Importance of the Project:

Providing a comprehensive test report with ReporterForUiPath.

No testing activity is complete without a detailed test report. This document visually represents the tests performed on a product, and their corresponding results, and is shared among project stakeholders. 

Given the importance of the test report, there was a need for an automated activity in UiPath that could generate quality reports in tandem with test execution. This need is addressed perfectly by ReporterForUiPath - an activity suite with many features that enable the creation of beautiful test reports simultaneously with test execution.

This package contains 5 activities:

- Create Report

- Start Suite

- Start Test

- Step Status

- Log Message

New features of the Reporter v3.0:

A new feature has been introduced in version 3.0 of ReporterForUiPath, which enables parallel report generation. This means that multiple HTML reports can be generated simultaneously during execution.

Existing Features Of the Reporter: 

1.1 No-Dependency: The activities in this program are both robust and flexible, allowing them to adapt to any situation. They can be used at any point within the workflow. For example, if a report hasn't been created and a suite is created directly, the reporter will recognize this and initialize the report. Similarly, if nothing has been created beforehand and the step status activity is used, the default report, suite, and test will be generated first, with the step added to the default test afterward. 

1.2 Categorization: By default, this reporter categorizes tests by test, suite, and priority. Additionally, it allows you to define tags for your tests to further categorize them. 

1.3 Filters: Filters can be used to display only categorized test cases in the generated report. The report will have four filters: pass/fail, suite, tag, and priority filter. Multiple filters can be added to display specific tests as well. 

1.4 Dashboard: The reporter records every logging movement and generates a dashboard. This dashboard provides information on execution timings, the count of all passed/failed tests, and status-wise counts of all steps, and contains various sub-reports. 

1.5 Screenshot: One of the most important and useful features is the ability to add runtime screenshots to test steps. These screenshots can be used as execution proof, or in case of a failed test case, to help identify the cause - whether it is a code issue or an application issue. 

1.6 Log Message: As like test step, you can add log messages for the test as well.



  • Parallel Report Generation
  • Flexible activities
  • Runtime screenshots
  • HTML Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Filters

Additional Information

Additional Information


.Net Framework 5.0 or higher

Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)


Vivek Ingole

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May 3, 2023

Works with

Studio: 22.10+


Silver Certified


UiPath Community Support


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