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Think – GPT powered FAQ creation for chatbots

Think – GPT powered FAQ creation for chatbots

by Humley Limited




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Delivering amazing experiences to users with Conversational AI Assistants is dependent on the knowledge that powers them. The problem for many businesses is that creating these knowledge bases is time consuming and costly. This can result in delays in launching a new service, significantly impacting the time to ROI and benefits.

Humley Think is a tool within Humley’s Conversational AI platform which utilizes the power of GPT and generative AI models to automatically generate FAQs and knowledge base content for organizations. Humley Think significantly speeds up the time to deployment and reduces the amount of time and effort needed from a business to build Conversational Assistants and enhance RPA processes, leading to faster time to ROI and improved experiences.

Crucially, unlike web scraping tools available in other Chatbot platforms, Humley Think uses the content provided to suggest answers and training data as well as allowing an organization to set the tone of voice for the responses generated to keep in line with brand expectations.

The solution can be deployed to support any use case where there is a wide breadth of knowledge and information that needs to be ingested within a conversational assistant and support a UiPath RPA process such as within customer service, HR and pensions.

Export from Think and upload to Humley’s Conversational AI platform, Studio, ready to deploy. Once within the project, Studio enables SMEs to easily manage and edit FAQs as and when required, ensuring the solution is always optimized and delivering value.

Benefits of Think
  • Rapid deployment and access to ROI
  • No requirement for additional resource to set up projects
  • Reduced / low set up costs
  • Cater for more user experiences with wider breadth of knowledge and increase satisfaction
  • Pre-built integrations to UiPath within Studio



1 - Set the tone
A brand’s voice is important to ensuring that a consistent service is delivered to users, Humley Think therefore provides organizations with the ability to set a tone of voice for all of the content curated. 2 - Add your knowledge source
Humley Think can use a wide variety of data sources to curate a business knowledge base, from website URLs, call scripts SharePoint sites, PDFs and more. 3 - Review and approve your knowledge base

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Apr 21, 2023

Works with

Studio: 21.10 - 22.10


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