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Turbotic - AI Powered Automation Orchestration

Turbotic - AI Powered Automation Orchestration

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Our multi-vendor, multi-technology platform enables you to manage the complete automation lifecycle from start to finish.



Turbotic is a leading automation orchestration and optimization platform that provides an end-to-end solution to support enterprises in scaling, monitoring, and managing automation. Our platform manages the entire end-to-end, multi-vendor Intelligent Automation workflow and integrates with leading vendors in the industry.

Leading brands trust Turbotic to optimize their Intelligent Automation capabilities end-to-end, from identifying opportunities to automating operations and tracking value, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved ROI.

Turbotic's AI-powered optimization platform classifies errors accurately and takes automated actions, detects anomalies, and allows teams to focus on high-priority tasks. With service management integrations in place, automation operations are automated. AI-driven dynamic scheduling optimizes scheduling based on available licenses and infrastructure resources, enhancing SLA compliance.

Turbotic consists of 5 modules, together representing an end-2-end life cycle for intelligent automation. The modules can be used together with great value add, as the data flows across all modules, or they can be used one by one to solve individual business problems in your automation program.

**Idea module:
**Submit ideas for Intelligent Automation across different business units, enabling democratization of automation.

Discovery Module:
Analyze which business processes in your organization are best suited for Automation, and determine which specific solution to use.

Build Module:
Built-in best practices to build RPA & Intelligent Automation solutions. Shorten project lead times.

Control Module:
Automate operations and manage all of your live Intelligent Automation solutions and processes from leading vendors in real-time.

Value Module:
Track the ROI of your Intelligent Automation investments in real-time.

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  • Dynamic Scheduling​
  • AI-driven Operations Automation
  • Multi-vendor Orchestration​
  • License Tracking & Optimization​
  • Business Case Follow-up​
  • Risk Mitigation Features​
  • Best Practice Methodology
  • AI Supported Discoveries​
  • Ideabox Features​
  • Digital Pipeline Creation
  • Real-time Visualizations​
  • Automated Ticket Management​

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June 22, 2023

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Phone: +46 (76) 859-29-23 Email: SLA: Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM CET; Response time: 1 day; Resolution time: 5 days


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