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UiPath Accelerator for SAP S/4HANA for Finance

UiPath Accelerator for SAP S/4HANA for Finance

by Internal Labs




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The UiPath Accelerators for SAP S/4HANA for Finance offer a wide variety of pre-built activities for typical automations that UiPath customers use on top of SAP S/4HANA to automate their Finance processes.

Predefined workflows can be used for both SAP Robotic Process Automation and as an SAP Test Case, thus creating synergies in your automation journey.

They are built for both SAP WinGUI automation as well as native integration via SAP BAPI to ensure that automations are robust, stable and performant.

Use them out of the box to accelerate implementation time of your SAP automation projects.

Sample use case: Handling incoming invoices and payments to vendors
Many of our customers use the pre-built activities of the Accelerators for Finance to automate month-end-closing tasks or for reading, entering, booking and paying incoming invoices. For invoice payment, the workflow starts with the storage of the incoming invoice, ready for the UiPath robot to pick up. The robot uses document understanding technology to extract data from the invoice, then checks the extracted invoice data against the matching purchase order. The robot enters the extracted data into the SAP system using the UiPath activity for creating and posting an incoming invoice from the Accelerator (SRC_BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE_v2.2). The invoice is booked in SAP and the payment is scheduled by using another activity from the Accelerator.

Content of the package (see more details in flyer enclosed)
Park General Ledger Account Documents (WinGUI, Tcode: FV50/FV60/FV70)
Create a new general ledger account (WinGUI, Tcode: FS00)
Post accounting document (BAPI, Tcode: FB01)
Reverse an accounting document (BAPI, Tcode: FB08)
Post Asset Acquisition (BAPI, Tcode: AS01)
Post Asset Document Reversal (BAPI, Tcode: AB08)
Create a new bank (BAPI, Tcode: FI01)
Create One or More Cost Centers (BAPI, Tcode: KS01)
Creating or changing a cost center group (BAPI, Tcode: KSH1)
Create a new fixed asset (BAPI, Tcode: AS01)
Cancel an incoming invoice (BAPI, Tcode: MR8M)
Create and post incoming invoice (BAPI, Tcode: MIRO)
Park Incoming Invoice (BAPI, Tcode: MIRO)
Create One or More Statistical Key Figures (BAPI, Tcode: KK01)
Transfer of Planning Data: Post Key Figures (BAPI, Tcode: KB31N)
Create a new profit center (BAPI, Tcode: KE51)
Creating or changing a profit center group (BAPI, Tcode: KCH1)
Create Actual Assessment (WinGUI, Tcode: KSU1)
Post Parked Document (WinGUI, Tcode: FBV0)
Payment Printout for automatic payment transactions (WinGUI, Tcode: F110)
Create parameters for automatic payment transactions (WinGUI, Tcode: F110)
Proposal run for automatic payment transactions (WinGUI, Tcode: F110)
Payment Run for automatic payment transactions (WinGUI, Tcode: F110)
Create segments of Actual Assessment (WinGUI, Tcode: KSU2)

4 steps to get started
1. Download the Accelerator from UiPath Marketplace
2. Read the documentation on the Accelerator
3. Install the SAP BAPI Activities package in Studio
4. Build your automations!

Good to know
  • The UiPath Foundation pack for Accelerators for SAP S/4HANA is a prerequisite for the usage of the content above. Do not forget to download it!
  • The transaction codes listed for BAPI are provided as a guidance and do not guarantee the exact same functionality as the listed WinGUI transaction. SAP BAPI in some cases can have more complex structures than transaction code, which includes large number of tables parameters.
  • The package was formerly known as SRC Components for SAP S/4HANA, which was built and delivered by UiPath Japan and it is owned and maintained by the team.



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