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UiPath – Cognizant® Automation Center Connector

UiPath – Cognizant® Automation Center Connector

by Cognizant Technology Solutions




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An application connector workflow that helps to connect UiPath & Cognizant® Automation Center through web API’s to securely post output of an UiPath workflow to a Cognizant® Automation Center activity



Cognizant® Automation Center I&O is a cognitive AIOps platform for enterprises. It facilitates the transition from the traditional Ops to the ZeroOps™ operating model.

The I&O Automation Platform engages a virtual agent that can understand and execute actions, making operations intelligent and interactive.

The key aspects of this platform include machine learning, automation, predictive analytics, and collaboration all of which are available into a single interface. The platform can build, operate, govern capabilities and is capable of integrating with different types of external systems of records/assurance/interaction.

Cognizant® Automation Center integrates with UiPath to execute user interface based automation actions. The resultant actions made by UiPath are recorded in Cognizant® Automation Center activity log for audit trail purposes.

When the connector is included with the UiPath workflow it aids the process of connecting with Cognizant® Automation Center API and posts back the UiPath execution status to the corresponding activity, in Cognizant® Automation Center.



This workflow offers a capability to securely connect UiPath with Cognizant® Automation Center and simplifies the process to pass the UiPath workflow execution status and output along with any additional attributes back to Cognizant® Automation Center.

Additional Information

Additional Information


UiPath version 2018 and above Cognizant® Automation Center version 2.5 and above


Cognizant Technology Solutions

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December 2, 2022

Works with

Studio: 18.0 - 22.10


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