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Consultancy Specialized Services for UiPath

Consultancy Specialized Services for UiPath

by Ubiquity Technology



Ubiquity, awarded with the UiPath Certified Professional Services Certification (USN), is specialist in the design and implementation of automation solutions using UiPath Platform.

We help our clients build and identify processes that demand automation, provide specialized services regardless of degree of client initiative maturity, provide guidance on best development & architecture methodologies and practices.

RPA Discovery

We help you get all your process automation ideas validated in interactive and thorough RPA Discovery Assessments.

Our Solution Architects and Infrastructure Engineers can provide high value-added services, even for established CoE that require a new level of knowledge to support RPA initiatives sustainable growth.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Ubiquity Technology belongs to the elite partners accredited with advanced consultancy & delivery skills. 

Our experience and expertise spans the entire range of UiPath platform products, such as Document Understanding, Test Suite, Process Mining, Automation Hub, Orchestrator, AI Fabric or Apps.


Ubiquity Technology

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September 7, 2022


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Ubiquity SLA is established according to the criticality, dimension and specificity of each client or project. Our teams are prepared to provide different levels of service.


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