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UiPath Education Loan Accelerator V1.0

UiPath Education Loan Accelerator V1.0

by Internal Labs




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This accelerator will automate the process of sanctioning the loan for education, based on the documents provided by the student. Suitable for education loans for Indian Universities.



Education loans are one of the key lending products provided by credit institutions. The process is documentation intensive and required lot of data analysis. At part of the application process all the required documents of applicant and guarantor are being gathered from the applicant. The documents can be either in a digital pdf format or can be scanned images. Once all the documents are received the application and application submitted, acknowledgement number is generated, and the application gets stacked in a queue in orchestrator. The automation workflow will first check if all required documents have been submitted. The documents are read using OCR technology and a Human user is kept in loop for confirming the text, in case of low confidence extraction by OCR. Once the initial checks are completed an application number is generated, and a mail is sent to student. As next step human must verify the admission related documents viz. admission letter, scholarship letter. Based on final decision of user, sanction, welcome or rejection letters are generated and sent over mail as applicable.

By distributing the validation in two stages, accelerator separates the validation of documents, for which OCR templates can be fully automated (as they have fixed formats) from the ones which do not have any fixed template.

 The accelerator thus helps in extracting information from documents, validating the information provided in the application form, creating a summary report in excel format and generating sanction, welcome or rejection letters as applicable.

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This solution will benefit the Banking and Financial institutions which lend to students for carrying out education.

Additional Information

Additional Information


In order to use this accelerator, Internet Explorer and OCR technology are required


Internal Labs

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February 19, 2020

Works with

Studio: 19.0 - 22.10


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