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Health Check Assessment for your UiPath Ecosystem

Health Check Assessment for your UiPath Ecosystem

by Smartbridge



Troubled Deployment? Scaling to Meet Demand?

A Smartbridge Health Check & Assessment will ensure you are properly set up to extract the most ROI from your bots. Assessments are ideal if your objective is to improve the productivity of current bots, scale across departments or functions, and/or establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) and support self-service solutions.

What’s Covered

In this assessment, we may provide cursory guidance as it relates to:

  • Delivery approach
  • Current state of governance
  • Workspace design
  • Apps approach
  • Development standards
  • Current product portfolio - licenses, capacity
  • Release management
  • Data preparation

Not all of these topics may be covered, and we encourage the call to be focused on where the help is needed most. We will provide recommendations on the call. If you are looking for a fuller assessment or roadmap towards your target state, that can be discussed on the call. More options are available for robust assessments.

Your assessment deliverables may include:

  • Current State Assessment Interviews
  • Current State Challenges
  • Tools Analysis, including any other RPA tools in place
  • Gaps & Pain Points with Current State
  • Processes & People with Current State
  • Future State Vision & Recommendations
  • Future State Technology & Architecture
  • Organization & People Recommendations
  • Process Recommendations
  • Opportunities for advanced analytics, including AI/ML, to solve vexing business problems

Please Note that Smartbridge will reach out to the email you provided during your quote request to arrange a brief discovery call prior to quoting your service.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Smartbridge is a UiPath Certified Professional Services Certification (USN) partner. 

We deliver assessments to companies mid-to-enterprise sized, and all across the US. Our UiPath professional services are complimented by our full range of services, including data, analytics, systems integration and modernization, AI & ML. We are Salesforce & Microsoft partners and enjoy uncovering opportunities to automate processes across your core business systems.



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