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UiPath IPC Activities

UiPath IPC Activities

by UiPath








This pack is meant to be used for advanced business logic where you need to define specific channels through which you can send and receive messages from a process to another.



Introduction to Publish-Subscribe Mechanism in UiPath

With the introduction of advanced concepts such as background processes and parallel attended execution within the UiPath ecosystem, a critical requirement emerged for seamless communication among business logic running on multiple threads. In response to this need, we have implemented a straightforward publish-subscribe (pub-sub) mechanism.

Functionality and Architecture of the Pub-Sub Mechanism

This mechanism empowers users to architect their automation processes in a manner that facilitates the internal exchange of messages across designated channels. These channels serve as notification pathways, allowing for the synchronization of different sections of the execution. This, in turn, enables a more efficient orchestration of parallel processes.

Purpose of the Pub-Sub Package

The purpose of this package is to cater to scenarios involving intricate business logic, where the establishment of specific channels becomes essential for sending and receiving messages between processes. This capability proves invaluable in discerning when specific segments of parallel processes have concluded their execution.

Primary Activities in the Pub-Sub Package

The package comprises the following two primary activities:

  • Broadcast Message - This activity facilitates the transmission of messages on a user-specified channel. When received by a corresponding Message Receiver Trigger activity, it triggers the initiation of another section within a parallel process.
  • Message Receiver Trigger - This trigger is designed to allow automation processes to progress only upon receipt of a message from a specified channel. The corresponding message is typically dispatched using the Broadcast Message activity.

IMPORTANT: This package version requires Studio v20.10 / v2020.10 or above. Installing it on versions lower than the recommended ones may cause unexpected changes in your workflows.



Practical Applications of the Pub-Sub Package

This package can prove beneficial in various use cases such as:

  • Parallel Process Orchestration
  • Asynchronous Task Handling
  • Collaborative Data Processing
  • Progress Tracking and Reporting

Additional Information

Additional Information


Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection, Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.TraceSource, UiPath.CoreIpc, UiPath.Platform, Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection, Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.TraceSource, System.Drawing.Common, UiPath.CoreIpc, UiPath.Platform

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