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UiPath PPL Broker Integration - Firm Order

UiPath PPL Broker Integration - Firm Order

by Internal Labs






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UiPath workflow for Insurance Brokers to create new Firm Orders within the PPL platform



PPL Broker Integration Bots have been developed to support the modernization initiatives of the London Market; to allow ease of access to one of the largest Insurance hubs in the world.

The London insurance market's ePlacing platform has 122+ Insurers, 80+ Broker and 9,000+ Users supporting it. All classes of business have now been deployed and adoption is expected to increase further with the new targets.  With legacy estates and integration, a continuing pain point for Insurance, our Clients are looking for a quick, cost effective way to interface PPL into their core Broking systems.

Placing Platform Limited (PPL);

  • An electronic placing platform which enables brokers and insurers to quote, negotiate, bind and endorse business digitally.
  • Risks can be placed electronically to support face-to-face negotiations, removing paper from the process and creating a digital information flow and audit trail.

The PPL Broker Integration Bots have been created to allow you to speed up the development of an automated process that will connect PPL via the User Interface (as a person does) to your core Broking system. This Bot workflow automates the steps within PPL to create a new Firm Order and select the appropriate Underwriters.

This automation will allow brokers to harness the benefits of PPL sooner as adoption increases and moves to quote/submission stage.

Thanks to RKH Speciality for the base source code and PPL platform access that enabled us to develop this workflow.



Reduce manual re-keying Keep your Broker system and PPL in sync Increase accuracy of data Negates the need for a costly integration project prior to the PPL API development Components built for interfacing into your Broker Platform can be re-used for other processes.

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Additional Information


Broker access to PPL platform

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Visual Basic


Internal Labs

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August 10, 2021

Works with

Studio: 21.4 - 22.10


Silver Certified


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