Professional Services for UiPath

Professional Services for UiPath

by Smartbridge



Smartbridge was founded in 2003 and has been delivering intelligent automation solutions as a UiPath partner for more than 5 years. Our consulting services focus on data & analytics, AI, modernization and innovation. Robotic Process Automation through UiPath extends and enhances core business systems so you can transform your legacy ecosystem into something more.

Our UiPath professional services focus on:


Smartbridge uses our tried-and-tested strategy and assessment model to define your strategy for an automation deployment. Utilizing our RPA strategy methodology, we build a roadmap focused on your specific business outcomes tied to your overall organization’s strategy.

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With an RPA implementation, Smartbridge enables organizations to operate more efficiently by streamlining repetitive, mundane tasks. This allows employees to focus on meaningful work and accomplish more strategic, creative tasks.
In the wake of industry and technology disruption, RPA brings significant value and return on investment to finance, supply chain, operations, human resources, marketing, sales, customer services, and audit.

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Center of Excellence

Smartbridge’s automation specialists have extensive experience in building RPA Centers of Excellence for businesses to improve scalability, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We help seed the CoE within the processes and practices being automated as well as assist in ramping up skills and employees through education. Smartbridge facilitates your organization with the following:

  • Selecting the right technology partner
  • Building the essential skills and capacity for automation
  • Establishing an effective governance and operating model
  • Implementing best practices
  • Tools and standards
  • Training, preparing, and scaling up

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Support & Maintenance

Our RPA support and maintenance services can be tailored to meet your needs from ongoing admin support to enhancement services.

  • Operations Support
  • User Provisioning and Management
  • RPA Support and Maintenance
  • RPA Infrastructure

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Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Smartbridge is a UiPath Certified Professional Services Certification (USN) partner.

We deliver strategy, implementation and maintenance services to companies mid-to-enterprise sized, and all across the US. Our UiPath professional services are complimented by our full range of services, including data, analytics, systems integration and modernization, AI & ML.



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November 16, 2022


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