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UiPath Terminal Activities

UiPath Terminal Activities

by UiPath








The Terminal pack contains activities designed to connect to a terminal and efficiently work within it.



Introduction to the Terminal Pack

The Terminal Pack comprises a set of activities tailored for seamless interaction with a terminal environment. These activities facilitate the retrieval of text, fields, or screen positions, as well as the execution of actions such as sending keys, text, or awaiting specific triggers such as the appearance of designated text or fields.

Establishing Terminal Connections

The cornerstone of this pack is the Terminal Session activity, which empowers users to establish a connection with a designated terminal environment. This connection can be established through either a direct link or via compatibility with third-party terminal emulations, including but not limited to Attachmate Reflection, Attachmate Extra, Rocket Bluezone, IBM Personal Communications, Reflection for UNIX, Reflection for IBM, or other IBM EHLLAPI-compatible terminal emulators.

Key Activities in the Terminal Pack

This package includes the following App Integration related activities:

  • Terminal Session - A container that connects to a terminal and enables you to perform multiple actions within it.
  • Get Screen Area - Extracts the text from a certain area of the terminal screen.
  • Get Text at Position - Extracts the text starting from a specified position and containing a certain number of characters.
  • Get Color at Position - Extracts the foreground color of the text at the specified position as a .Net System.Drawing.Color object.
  • Get Field at Position - Gets the text from a form field specified by coordinates and stores it into a string variable.
  • Set Field at Position - Writes a specified string into a form field identified by given coordinates.
  • Wait Text at Position - Waits for a specified amount of time for a string to appear in a specified form field. The form field is designated by using screen coordinates.
  • Send Keys - Sends the specified text to the current cursor position.
  • Move Cursor - Moves the cursor position to a specified location.
  • Send Keys Secure - Sends the specified secure text to the current cursor position.



Applications of the Terminal Pack

The Terminal Pack addresses various business use cases across different industries like:

  • Financial Transactions Processing - The activities in this package can automate tasks like processing transactions, extracting financial data, and automating routine operations from terminal-based systems.
  • Healthcare Data Retrieval - The Terminal Pack can assist in automating the retrieval of information like patient records or processing medical data from systems that utilize terminal interfaces.
  • Energy Sector Monitoring - In the energy sector, there are systems that utilize terminal interfaces for monitoring and controlling processes related to power generation and distribution. The Terminal Pack can automate data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Insurance Claim Processing - Insurance companies often deal with legacy systems for processing claims. The Terminal Pack can automate the extraction of claim information, accelerate the claims processing workflow, and reduce the time required for handling insurance-related tasks.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.TraceSource, NLog, System.Text.Encoding.CodePages, UiPath.CoreIpc, UiPath.Platform, Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.TraceSource, NLog, System.Text.Encoding.CodePages, UiPath.CoreIpc, UiPath.Platform



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Mar 24, 2024


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