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WinfoBots – Period Close Automation

WinfoBots – Period Close Automation

by Winfo Solutions UK Limited


Partner Solution

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WinfoBots is a pre-packaged automation tool with prebuilt process flows for your automation needs. It is powered by UiPath and comes with a Command Centre based approach that enables users to exactly know what the bot is working.

The Oracle Period Close for the Financial Sub-ledgers, incl. Payables, Purchasing, Inventory, Assets, Receivables and Projects consist of many processes and routines, which need to be run manually. These processes are time-consuming, leading to potential errors, and often employees are required to work long hours and on weekends. ​

WinfoBots helps realise the time value of opportunity. The time spent on completing these processes is the valuable time lost which could have been spent in analysing the financial results​. Winfo has developed a solution that automates all the manual steps performed with the transactional system (i.e., ERP subledgers) to help with a faster period close in line with industru’s best practices.​

WinfoBots Benefits
  • Virtual Assisted Bot supports Period Close process with Oracle eBusiness Suite​ and Fusion Cloud Applications.
  • Configured with the ability to add any custom reports/procedures as part of Period Close process​.
  • Reduced number of people to period close by 90%.
  • Reduced duration of the period close process by half .
  • Automatic error-checking processes and process failure notifications. ​
  • Automatic notifications to business process owners. ​
  • Better control on the activities involved in period closing .
  • Uniform close process ensuring adherence to overarching standards and guidelines. ​
  • User training on an ongoing basis is simple and straightforward​.
AP Close and Reconciliation​
  • Reconciliation with AP Trial Balance, Posted Invoice Register, Posted Payment Register and GL Account Analysis Report​
  • Ability to Sweep or Review​
  • Open and Close Periods​
FA Close and Reconciliation​
  • Reconciliation with FA reports.
  • Open and Close Periods​
PO Close and Reconciliation​
  • Reconciliation with AP PO Reconciliation Report and GL Account Analysis Report​
  • Open and Close Periods​
  • Open and Close Periods
Account Receivables​
  • Reconciliation with AR to GL Reconciliation Report​
  • Open and Close Periods​
General Ledger​
  • Open and Close Periods​
Additional Client Specific Modules (up to 5 modules)​
  • Open and Close Periods​
Reconciliation Reports



  • Command Centre View to review and monitor information flow
  • Modular and Process Driven User Interface
  • Packaged Solutions across back-office towers
  • Facilitates Human Inputs for governance and control
  • Analytics and audit logs
  • Secured and Integrated with ERP Platforms
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Visibility of enterprise application data for business users
  • Extensibility of Non-RPA functionality for process automation e.g., custom analytics, approval workflows, and mappings

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Sep 12, 2023


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We normally will agree on the SLAs for the response time required by the Customer but typical response times are as follows during week days: Criticality Response Time P1 - 30 minutes P2 - 1 Hour P3 - 3 Hours P4 - 6 Hours. During weekends, the team will be available on call for P1 issues until the P1 issue is resolved. Winfo provides Service desk support with global helpline number for Winbot users to call for support or logging of incidents. Winbot Service desk will act as a single point of contact for


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