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Ada is the new front line of your customer experience, empowering businesses to provide personalized experiences at scale - in a snap! Ada's no-code, AI chatbot improves CX, reduces costs, and drives revenue - while freeing live agents to have greater impact. Ada’s Conversational AI solution is the perfect compliment for Oracle B2C Service by helping enterprises scale up their Automated Customer Experience. Explore an end-to-end customer journey, using a no-code integration platform built for scale. With Ada, you can provide a delightful conversational experience with the most seamless handoff between AI and live chat! Ada’s handoff from chatbots to agents in Oracle B2C Service improves chat experiences for both customers and agents! Additionally, Ada’s industry-leading AI (NLP and global ML model) makes it the easiest chatbot to build and train for enterprises. Businesses spend the least time on automating personalized customer experiences and still reaching a containment rate of up to 80%.

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