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Mountain View, CA, USA

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THE FACTS: Over 5 trillion PDFs are created each year. 38 billion messages are sent in the US healthcare system via fax and pdf. And yes, 30% of invoices are still submitted in paper form. It all adds up to billions of documents, billions of miniature data silos. THE MISSION: GLYNT liberates data from documents. A powerful AI system and a simple, no-code user experience. Anyone can use GLYNT. World-class AI at everyone’s fingertips. Transform your documents into data. GLYNT is a machine learning solution that delivers highly accurate data from loosely structured documents. Get first results in 20 minutes, averaging 98% accuracy. GLYNT can be quickly trained for loosely structured documents across industries and domains, such as invoices, medical reports, forms, paystubs and more. A SaaS offering, eg Data Extraction as a Service, GLYNT aligns with corporate governance and privacy protocols, with a multi-tenant architecture and a No Retention data and document policy. GLYNT is used by leading customers in energy, property management, accounting and finance. Learn more at


Mountain View, CA, USA

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GLYNT.AI 530 Showers Dr Ste 7416 Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 386-6392

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