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IN-D AI is an R&D-led company that leverages the power of AI to enable financial systems to 'reduce risk' and 'reduce cost', an otherwise tough trade-off that COOs grapple with. It has a core engine that uses Computer Vision, ML and NLP techniques to extract data from documents to make the customer experience seamless, operations costs lower and decision systems smarter.

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IN-D Payables


IN-D Payables digitizes invoice and extracts necessary data independent of templates, understanding 15+ attributes and table information thus eliminating manual invoice processing in accounts payable.


Bronze Certified

IN-D KYC - ID Document Classification, Extraction & Validation


Classify ID documents, and extract useful attributes smartly leveraging on the power of AI. Works with most of the officially valid documents for vetting your customers making your onboarding fraud-proof and build trust.


Bronze Certified