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Skcript is everything consulting can be. Skcript focuses on helping customers get the maximum value with a unique development & deployment process.

We partner with our customers' digital transformation journey with Robotic Process Automation at its center. In 2020, we have helped over 5 billion dollar companies automate critical business processes, ranging from payroll automation to invoice processing automation.

With Skcript's vast experience working on artificial intelligence, and custom software development capabilities, automating a business process is never the same.

Our engineers have empathy and spend time understanding your requirements and pain points before anything else. Skcript's throughtleadership, along with a deep understanding of technology solutions, you can only expect the best from our engineers.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Skcript - Login Template


By invoking this template we can save time in developing code for the login process of a web application. All we need to do is provide the necessary details to the workflow and indicate the elements


Bronze Certified

Skcript - Salesforce Login Template


If you are trying to automate Salesforce, then this template will be very useful in automating Login part of Salesforce.


Bronze Certified

Skcript - ZenDesk Login


ZenDesk Login workflow helps you to log in to the ZenDesk webpage


Bronze Certified

Skcript - Scroll Page


This component allows you to scroll down until the end of the page without injecting js. You can add what you wanted to do at each scroll or after reaching the end of the page.


Bronze Certified