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Surya Avantsa

Director - RPA Practice/Solution

About me


RPA is the next gen technology that will complete the cycle of software development. I have been building applications to automate business processes for over 30 years now. The important benefit of automating applications is to reduce errors, costs, improve accuracy and the quality of customer service. To meet this end, I have seen several large organizations that have developed enterprise strength applications by different divisions, with different technologies, budget and at different states of updates. These disparate systems do not talk to each other and to make them talk to each other, there was human intervention that led to the same issues that these systems were designed to solve! RPA will be the last layer of automation that will bridge this gap between these systems. Not to mention IA that will bring even more benefits. I am proud to be a part of this layer of software development that truly closes that final layer of gap between the systems.


Clarksburg, MD, USA

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Nov 28, 2023


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