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Account Management App Template for Salesforce

Account Management App Template for Salesforce

by UiPath



Process Mining App Template





Use your Salesforce data to analyze your Account Management process.



UiPath Process Mining and Account Management in Salesforce

Comprehensive Array of Pre-built Application Templates

UiPath Process Mining provides a comprehensive array of pre-built application templates tailored to various processes and source systems, serving as an invaluable foundation for crafting bespoke process applications. The foundation of Process Mining relies on harnessing the digital traces imprinted within your systems and applications to furnish an all-encompassing panorama of all process undertakings. When we say "all," we truly mean every conceivable activity.

Customization and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

These pre-constructed Process Mining application templates extend the liberty to adapt and tailor them to align seamlessly with your precise business requisites. Post-customization, these templates can be readily disseminated, complemented by an assortment of user-friendly dashboards and KPIs, thereby empowering business stakeholders to scrutinize and dissect processes with precision.

Account Management in Salesforce

Within the realm of Account Management, users are afforded the capability to centralize all customer-related data, alongside pivotal interactions and customer service cases, facilitating the streamlining of sales processes while offering a more lucid perspective on client relationships.

Account Generation

Accounts are systematically generated within Salesforce, either on an ad hoc basis or in conjunction with associated leads. Each account undergoes a meticulous rating and qualification process, enhancing our comprehension of potential future requirements.

Account Relationship Management

Upon successfully identifying an account, the sales team initiates a series of tasks aimed at nurturing the relationship with the said account. This nurturing process entails a multifaceted array of communication methods, encompassing meetings, calls, emails, and other channels. The objective of this stage is to grasp the client's needs in order to foster the creation of pertinent opportunities.

Opportunity Generation

The principal objective of this procedural phase revolves around the initiation of fresh opportunities. Once there is a firm grasp of the client's prerequisites and have completed the requisite groundwork, the creation of sales opportunities starts. A meticulously managed account should consistently generate a continuous stream of new opportunities.



  • Unlock complete transparency over your Account Management processes on Salesforce.
  • Discover potential process improvement opportunities to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Identify the best areas for automation that will deliver the most results.
  • Continuously monitor your Account Management process to drive business impact.

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