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Simplify automating processes that use Alteryx Server by replacing UI operations with background API calls.



Alteryx Automation Activities for UiPath

Our Alteryx activities package empowers you to streamline interactions with your Alteryx application through the use of the Alteryx API. With this package, your UiPath robot(s) gain the capability to execute functions and actions, facilitate attachment uploads and downloads, and efficiently manage your records through operations like retrieval, updating, insertion, and deletion.

Setting Up the Connection

In order to establish outbound automation connectivity between UiPath and Alteryx, the activities facilitate an authenticated connection. This connection is made to a custom application hosted on Box, accomplished through the utilization of the Alteryx Scope activity.

Utilizing Alteryx Activities

Once this connection is successfully established, the suite of Alteryx activities comes into play. These activities are designed to send requests to the relevant Alteryx API operations, using parameters that you specify in the input properties. You can conveniently configure these parameters via the properties panel and the Object Wizard. Upon executing these requests, if they meet with success, the activities promptly return the response values.

To establish a connection with your Alteryx application, you must follow the setup instructions provided in the guide. Once you've completed the setup steps, you can commence building your automation projects.

Key Activities in the Alteryx Package

Alteryx Scope

This activity allows you to establish a secure, authenticated connection to your Alteryx application.

Get Workflows

The Get Workflows activity uses the Alteryx Get Studio Apps API to discover workflows within your subscriptions. After retrieving the report, the activity outputs the report in a Workflow[] object.

Get Questions

The Get App Questions activity uses the Alteryx Get Questions API to retrieve the questions for a given App. After retrieving the report, the activity outputs the information in a Question[] object.

Run Job

The Run Job activity uses the Alteryx Enqueue Post and Get Job API methods to queue a job and, if it is of short duration, wait for and return the results. It will return a Job object and if the job has completed, an the Outputs Ids in a string[] object.

Get Jobs

The Get App Jobs activity uses the Alteryx Get Jobs API to get a list of jobs for a given app. The output of this activity in a Job[] object.

Get Job

The Get Job activity uses the Alteryx Get Job API to retrieve a job in a Job object.

Get Job Output

The Get Job Output activity uses the Alteryx Get Job Output API to the results of a specific Job and Output. It will return a Model object as a result of the activity.

Get App

The Get App activity uses the Alteryx Get App Info API to return in a package form an application. The app will be downloaded to a local folder as a result of this activity.



Features of the Alteryx APA Platform

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform represents a comprehensive solution for automating the entire data preparation, blending, analytics, machine learning, and data science workflows.

Components of the Alteryx APA Platform

Alteryx provides a suite of products that constitute the Alteryx APA Platform:

Alteryx Designer

This tool streamlines analytic processes by offering a user-centric, self-service analytics environment. It simplifies the integration of diverse data sources using a wide array of pre-built automation components.

Alteryx Server

This component accelerates the journey towards obtaining analytical insights by furnishing analysts with a scalable platform for deploying and sharing analytics. It fosters seamless collaboration among team members, facilitating sound decision-making within the organization.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite

Enhance your automation capabilities with guided machine learning, encompassing code-free predictive modeling and text mining. This suite augments the range of analytic processes that can be automated, thereby expanding the scope of valuable insights that can be derived.

Alteryx Connect

By merging data cataloging with human insights, Alteryx Connect empowers analysts to swiftly locate, manage, comprehend, and collaborate on organizational information. This capability enhances data discovery and collaboration within the organization.

Benefits of the Alteryx Activities Package for UiPath

The Alteryx Activities package for UiPath presents an opportunity to optimize data-related processes in your organization. By automating tasks related to data processing, integration, reporting, and application management, this integration not only saves time but also reduces the occurrence of errors. The result is increased operational efficiency, improved data accuracy, and more informed decision-making.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3 Alteryx Server 2019.1+



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December 12, 2023

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Alteryx is now part of the official release. Please see the support section for more information.


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