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Business Loan Processing Automation

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Business Loan Processing Automation

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Bronze Certified


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Business Loan requires analysis of the Balance Sheet to extract information like Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, P&L and notes to account to give credit rating. All can be automated using UiPath


Current Process - the major pain

Business Loan Processing requires many data points and the ratio analysis is done to decide whether the loan should be given to a business or not.


Our UiPath workflow converts the dirty scan image PDF file into machine-readable Excel or database format in a few minutes. Our UiPath workflow convert the scanned image financial statement into a readable Excel or database format as follows:
  1. Step 1
  2. Configure the robot to use the right credentials in the file project_config.xlsx. In the file provide the directory from where PDF files need to be a pickup
  3. Enter your credentials in
  4. Step 2
  5. The sales team, credit rating tea or loan processing team will upload the companies/customer financial statement or balance sheet in a specific directory mentioned in project_config.xlsx. The UiPath robot will login to the web portal
  6. Step 3
  7. Web portal @ will accept the scan image PDF of balance sheet and convert them into text
  8. The system will shortlist the specifics PDF from PDF file like consolidate balance sheet, profit and loss statement page, and cash flow statement
  9. The web portal will also shortlist the note to account pages as requested by banks or direct selling agents.
  10. Step 4
  11. Balance Sheet AI (Artificial API) engine will convert the shortlisted PDF into an Excel sheet
  12. UiPath robot will download the output Excel file in the download folder or default download folder specified by the user
  13. This output process can be further customized to upload the Excel sheet in credit rating software or any software
Customization Option with Balance Sheet reading automation
  1. Plain Excel (Accuracy 80% of PDF will work)
  2. Predefined format with an exact data point (Accuracy 90% PDF will work)
  3. Data Points output in JSON Format/API Access (Accuracy 95% PDF will work)


Published: 15 Jul 2020 | Updated: 26 Oct 2020



Code Language

Visual Basic


.NET Framework


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Windows Internet Explorer. Customize option available for Chrome and Firefox


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