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elDoc Document Understanding (IDP & OCR)

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elDoc Document Understanding (IDP & OCR)

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Intelligent data capture and recognition from scanned & digitally generated documents (PDFs, images), shipped with Document Management and BPM functionalities.



About elDoc IDP Connector:

This sample project demonstrates how to utilize elDoc IDP API for your intelligent automation needs. You are welcome to download and launch it in order to see the elDoc system in action.

Our project provides two sample scenarios: Simple and Advanced. Advanced scenario performs parallel uploading and downloading the data to be recognized and converted to structured format.

elDoc IDP + UiPath Robot High-Level Workflow:
  • UiPath Robot uploads documents to elDoc IDP using REST API (two implementations are provided: simple upload and advanced upload for heavy-load scenarious)
  • elDoc IDP performs data extraction & recognition and makes results available via REST API
  • UiPath Robot downloads strcutured results from elDoc IDP using REST API for further data processing (e.g.: cross-validation, posting to SAP or Nav, etc.)

elDoc IDP key capabilities:

elDoc IDP – enterprise level solution designed to intelligently process scanned and digitally generated documents.

elDoc IDP has the the following capabilities:
  • image normalization leveraging cognitive technologies (image clearance from unnecessary artefacts, image rightsizing, image rotation, etc.)
  • document forms classification
  • target data location, capture, and recognition (Intelligent OCR, ICR, OMR Support)
  • semi-structured / unstructured data conversion to structured format
  • multiple-page document processing (1 document type spans across multiple pages)
  • multiple-type documents processing (multiple document types span across multiple pages)
  • data verification
  • access rights management (granular access right granting)
  • document workflow customization
  • document archive and intelligent document search
  • users authentication / users profiles / users notifications
  • audit and monitoring
  • and many others
Please feel free to send your request to our Support Team (see Enterprise Support link) and we will be glad to provide the required enablement professional services for your side to explore all the benefits of utilizing elDoc along with UiPath for document understanding and intelligent document processing purposes.

elDoc IDP demo links:


Published: Sep 14, 2020 | Updated: Dec 14, 2020


3-Clause BSD

Code Language

Visual Basic



UiPath Studio 19.4.X and later


elDocUiPathUtils.1.2.2.nupkg - provided with the package




In case of any questions you are welcome to contact our Support Team for any inquiries.