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FYIApp: Instantly Set-up or Change Financial Reports


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FYIApp: Instantly Set-up or Change Financial Reports


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This first FYIApp: Org Tree leverages UiPath Bots to make it easy to quickly set up and/or change organizational hierarchies, account codes, reports or structures within FYIsoft's ReportFYI. This is especially beneficial for fast-growing, complex, multi-entity and multi G/L company environments.



FYIApp: Org Tree is powered by UiPath's Intelligent Automation Platform. It streamlines and accelerates the Organization Tree feature within FYIsoft’s ReportFYI solution. ReportFYI provides customers with the ability to create, consolidate, package, and distribute perfectly formatted financial reports within seconds - even in complex, multi-entity and multi G/L environments. ReportFYI streamlines and accelerates multi-entity reporting by providing the ability to consolidate and report on multiple companies, locations, or departments with disparate GL data sources, chart of accounts, or fiscal calendars – even providing the ability to drill down into any account and view transaction-level details, 24/7 from any device.

Organizational Tree is a feature within ReportFYI that saves tremendous time whenever new reports are needed or reports need to be changed, which is frequently for many rapidly growing companies. However, for larger organizations with many entities, the initial set up of up this “Org Tree” structure requires an up-front time investment that customers may not be willing to make, which severely limits their ability to fully leverage the power of FYIsoft. With this FYIApp, FYIsoft customers can easily set up reports independently, with the help of UiPath Bots, with very little learning curve, thus gaining the full time-saving advantages of ReportFYI.

This FYIApp unburdens the accounting staff from having to manually design, set up and maintain the organizational trees structure within ReportFYI - a UiPath Bot does the heavy lifting for them. The FYIApp provides automated workflows built on UiPath to save significant time and resources during the initial setup of the ReportFYI solution. Additionally, it is a valuable tool for viewing your organization’s financials in different ways, facilitating frequent company reorganizations, and easily accommodating merger and acquisition reorganization activities.

With the org structure in place, ReportFYI users can now make any changes with drag-and-drop ease. For example, if Territory A moves from Branch Manager Sam to Branch Manager Sue, users simply drag the folder for Territory A from Sam’s hierarchy to Sue’s, and All Financial reports are instantly updated. The same can be done if the chart of account changes: the new or changing account code can be “dragged” under its proper parent account grouping and all reports are instantly changed.

Please see a short video presenting the FYIApp


Published: 13 Jan 2021 | Updated: 13 Jan 2021

Trusted Source


Apache 2.0


.NET Framework



FYIsoft will need to install their Agent on a computer at the client’s location. The computer must have the following: Microsoft Windows .NET 4.8 or higher General Ledger Connectivity (access to the General Ledger source database through ODBC or SQL Server)


1) A subscription to FYIsoft ReportFYI Financial Report Writer solution 2) A UiPath Enterprise or Community edition license instance: Link to Free Trial: 3) Knowledge about how UiPath Automations work, or an internal resource who can assist

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