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GLYNT API Activities Library

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GLYNT API Activities Library

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GLYNT.AI's easy solution for extracting data from documents gets even easier with GLNYT UiPath Activities Library.



Documents are at the heart of many business workflows, and with the GLYNT UiPath Activities Package, GLYNT.AI offers an easy solution for extracting data from documents. For UiPath RPA Developers, the key features of GLYNT are:
  • Highly accurate data extraction. GLYNT averages 98% accuracy from the start. With 4X fewer errors and exceptions than conventional solutions, GLYNT increases the ROI and automation of the entire workflow.
  • Incredibly versatile. GLYNT is an advanced machine learning platform for documents. UiPath users can create customized data capture in minutes. Get exactly the fields you want, all with the same high accuracy. Because GLYNT trains on just a few document samples (5 - 7), GLYNT is quickly customized to documents in every domain.
  • Gain access to multiple OCR engines. GLYNT allows users to select the OCR engine of choice from several leading offers.
  • Minutes to first data. Setup documents in GLYNT using our no-code UI. Train on just a few documents. Then get production quality data flows through your UiPath workflow in minutes.
With GLYNT’s UiPath Activities package, users gain a convenient way to integrate their GLYNT assets into their RPA workflows.

Compatible with UiPath Studio 2021.


GLYNT UPath Activities provide quick access to almost the entirety GLYNT’s RESTful API ( Drag and drop GLYNT UPath Activities into your workflow without having to build each and every API request from scratch! UPath users can leverage GLYNT’s speedy setup to perform tasks within two key domains: Document Classification and Data Extraction. Document ClassificationUse GLYNT to classify documents as they stream in. GLYNT is fast and accurate, producing the data needed for downstream applications such as document routing, insertion into databases and so on. Data Extraction. Use GLYNT to get desired fields from a document. Name the fields to fit your needs. GLYNT captures line-item detail with the same accuracy as header fields. Select the data you want from anywhere on the document and from any loosely structured document. GLYNT also offers data normalization, validation and transformation. Go from incoming documents to your target database in one workflow.

Published: 14 Jun 2021 | Updated: 14 Jun 2021

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Code Language

Visual Basic


.NET Framework




Studio: 2021.4.3+


Microsoft.Activities.Extensions > = Newtonsoft.Json >= 13.0.1 UiPath.Mail.Activities >= 1.10.4 UiPath.System.Activities >= 21.4.0 UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities >=21.4.3 UiPath.WebAPI.Activities >= 1.7.0

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