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Troy Web - Twilio API Activities

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Troy Web - Twilio API Activities

Bronze Certified

Custom Activity

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Send and receive SMS messages, MMS messages and fax documents via Twilio to enable phone communication for a robot.


This activity package allows you to connect UiPath RPA processes to the Twilio API in order to send SMS and MMS messages.

It is as simple as adding your Twilio account ID and Authorization Token, adding the Send Message activity and providing a Twilio phone number you have added to your account, and the phone number to send the message to. Add a message body or Media URL to add to the message, and the SMS is sent to the phone almost immediately after execution.

Sending a Fax is also very simple. Add the Send Fax activity, enter your Twilio Fax-Enabled phone number to send the fax from, the fax number to send the document to and a publicly accessible URL to a PDF file. Optionally, set the Quality property for control of the quality of the sent fax. You are able to download sent and recieved faxes via the Download Fax activity, providing the FaxResource object retrieved from a Get Fax activity and a file path to save the faxed PDF.

Send an SMS/MMS Message
Get Messages sent to/from Twilio
Filter by number sent to/from, date sent before/after
Get information for a specific message
Get MMS Message medi
Get information about Alpha Senders and Short Codes in the account

  • Faxing
Send a Fax of a PDF available at a URL
Get faxes sent/ received from account
Filter by number sent to/from, date created before/after
Get information for a specific fax
Cancel a queued fax
Delete a fax and associated document
Download Fax document

  • Phone Numbers
Get local, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers available for purchase
Look-up information about a phone number
Look-up caller id
Look-up carrier information
Use Twilio LookUp Add-Ons
Format Phone Number to E.164 International format
Parse a phone number with formatting
Validate that a phone number can exist

  • Get prices of using Twilio
  • Manage Twilio Accounts


Allows robots to send and get SMS, MMS, and Fax documents with Twilio. Enables communication with users or customers through a cross-platform channel (Phone, Fax).

Published: 04 Jun 2020 | Updated: 10 Nov 2020

Trusted Source


Apache 2.0

Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


.NET Framework




Studio: 2020.4.0+


Twilio 5.39.0 Google LibPhoneNumber C# v8.12.x

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