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Modex - Orchestrator Security Compliance

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Modex - Orchestrator Security Compliance

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Creating a tamper-resistant ecosystem for UiPath Orchestrator


Based on the Blockchain Database (BCDB), the Orchestrator Security Compliance solution is a non-invasive integration with the SQL server database of the UiPath Orchestrator that enables clients to track all activity and changes that occur in the database, in real time. The technology layer developed by Modex is configured to automatically monitor a set of valuable or sensitive data and record any changes in the database, regardless of whether they are made by the Orchestrator or manually by a user in the database.

For ease of installation, the OSC Extension comes with a Windows installer that will walk your through all the necessary configurations to set up the connection with the UiPath’s Orchestrator’s existing SQL database as well as the connection to the BCDB infrastructure.

Administrator rights for the SQL database are required to install and uninstall and to configure the database for usage.
After installation is complete and migration is finished, a new Service is created in Windows Services, which will monitor events only from the selected tables by using a read-only database user, not the administrator user used for configuration and installation.

Any new modification, whether it is an insert, update or deletion in the selected tables will be captured by the OSC Extension Service and will be pushed to the BCDB system, thus ensuring blockchain-based auditability and data integrity, as well as the other functionalities provided by Modex BCDB. The BCDB system will distribute the data on multiple nodes, on both the blockchain system (Tendermint) as well as on its databases (CouchDb, MongoDb, etc.).


Modex’s technology thus enhances the functionality of the UiPath Orchestrator by bringing new levels of data traceability as it tracks all changes made to the monitored data, including timestamps, and stores them in a separate database to create a comprehensive and in-depth audit trail of the data. The new solution is highly customizable: it can be configured to target and track any data which is relevant for the client’s business logic and use case.

Published: 06 Jul 2021 | Updated: 29 Jun 2021


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.NET Core




Studio: 2019.10.17+


SQL Server UiPath Orchestrator Attached tables must support triggers



Business hours support: Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm CET Email-based support: Response time: Urgent: 4 hrs; High: 1 day; Normal: 3 business days Resolution time: 10 working days

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