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RPA Health - Provider Roster Automation

RPA Health - Provider Roster Automation

by RPAHealth LLC




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Automated Healthcare Provider Roster Processing Solution



RosterPro - An automated solution processing Healthcare Provider rosters. RosterPro can process Large, Complex Rosters of any format and can support all Provider types including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Ancillaries, DME, Pharmacies etc.

RosterPro can help and enable Network, Credentialing, Provider management, Legal teams in an Organization. RosterPro is available in multiple variants - Payer, Provider, ACOs and CVOs.

The UiPath Robot will process the Complex Rosters used during the provider's onboarding process. Each Roster can have anywhere from 50 - 150 columns and 200 - 2000 rows.

The Robot will pick up the Excel from a preconfigured location, validate the data elements by executing more than 75 Industry standard validations (Eg. Licence no, DoB, Address, Phone Number, NPI number etc) , perform transformations such as formatting phone numbers as 123-123-1234, and finally identify duplicate rows in the Roster.

The records (rows) which passed the validation, duplicate check will be captured as separate sheet and error records as separate sheet. and the Robot can send Email Notifications about the progress in Processing the Roster as well.

We have developed this solution in 3 variants - Payers (Insurance Companies), Providers (Hospitals) , CVOs (Credentialing Verification Organizations). This process when perform manually may take anywhere from 12 hours - 2 days for a 2000 row roster depending upon the skill level of the Onboarding analyst while the Robot take 15 - 30 min to process the entire roster.



Reduce Manual Effort by 80% Reduce Time to market by 80% Improve Provide Satisfaction Reduce End user Training by 70% Near Real-Time Processing Minimal or No-impact to existing Process RosterPro is available for Payers, Providers, ACOs and CVOs

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March 26, 2020

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Studio: 21.10 - 22.10


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