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Purchase invoice automation made easy with Aito

Purchase invoice automation made easy with Aito





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Using machine learning tool, the purchase invoice processing automation is a breeze, and you can leverage your existing work on UiPath.



Purchase-to-pay process is a great ground for automation. While there are multiple parts in the process that still require human touch, one of the first aspect accounts payable teams seek to automate is to file the incoming purchase invoice to the ERP system for further processing.

Using, the purchase invoice processing automation is a breeze, and you can leverage your existing work on UiPath. Aito can be used to predict multiple variables that are typically needed to file the purchase invoice in the ERP or accounting system, such as SAP: General ledger code, profit centre, VAT code, PO number (if missing), reviewer/approver and likelihood of fraudulent invoice.

An automation use case with Aito covers the entire life cycle, without the hassle:

  • EXPERIMENT: test the automation potential with your real data and calculate business case using Aito’s no-code tools. Aito can assist you in the PoC project.
  • INTEGRATE: use Aito’s simple API from UiPath to integrate predictions and data updates to your automation workflow.
  • OPERATE: Aito runs in the cloud and always keeps up to date with the latest data. There is no hassle or extra work during the operations phase.

Read from how our customer Posti (Finnish national logistics service) used Aito in their project, and in their intelligent automation in general.



  1. Entire project and operation run by automation team without data scientists save up to 4x in life cycle costs.
  2. Proven automation rates between 50% to 80% in customer cases.
  3. Fully managed and hosted cloud solution for the utmost simplicity, security and proven scalability.

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Additional Information


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May 26, 2021

Works with

Studio: 19.10.1 - 22.10





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