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PFS Group - Reexdoc

PFS Group - Reexdoc

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Reexdoc is an AI Data extraction solution and we have integrated with UiPath robots in different projects where documents are involved in the processes.



Reexdoc provides an AI-powered and Cloud-based data extraction platform to help your company with all kinds of document automation. Powered by AI, Reexdoc automatically extracts information and captures data from different types of documents, whether they are scanned or digital. The technology can be embedded into any software application via our API and of course, it can be used by UiPath software robots.

Reexdoc is a good solution for document types like invoices, receipts, orders, payroll, tax documents and many more. 

How it meets RPA?

Reexdoc defines documents types (schema) formed by a set of fields and a set of tables. It can recognize and extract this information from documents with diferent layouts. The customer can modify and adapt the schema to fit the process needs.

Reexdoc is working as a supervised tool, that is, an user with no technical level can train the AI model with an user friendly and intuitive interface (web). The user could tag the fields and tables in a way like drag and drop over the pre-visualization document.

This activity pack allows you to add activities in your process and facilitates the integration with the Reexdoc API to perform the following functionalities:

- Upload one document to the server

- Upload multiple documents to the server

- Check document status

- Retrieve result of extraction process

For example, a simple process to automate could be:

1- the robot reads a folder looking for invoices (PDF/A or image format).

2- the robot uses some activities to send the file(s) to Reexdoc and waits for the result.

3- Reexdoc returns to the robot the values extracted from document (invoice number, customer ID, ...). 

4- the robot continues with the process and creates a new invoice in the ERP.

5- the robot repeats steps 2-5 for all files in the folder.

Reexdoc integrates as well with Orchestrator queues, so when the result for a document is done, it can put a message in an Orchestrator queue (this queue could trigger a process).



  • Recognize and extract data from documents.
  • Automate process end-to-end.
  • Increase process speed.

Additional Information

Additional Information


UiPath.System.Activities >= 19.10.1 UiPath.Testing.Activities >= 1.0.0 UiPath.UiAtutomation.Activities >= 19.11.1 UiPath.WebAPI.Activities >= 1.4.4


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)

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