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RPA Supervisor


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The RPA Supervisor provides a fully automated management of your digital workforce. The platform provides you with a single window into your RPA operations. Simply enter the SLA's for each process in the easy to use interface and let the RPA Supervisor dynamically schedule your processes and solve operational issues automatically. Optimizing utilization, reducing your run costs and providing unbeatable service level to your customers.


SLA based scheduling - Schedules are a thing of the past. Simply enter the business requirements or SLA's for your automated processes and the RPA Supervisor will dynamically schedule all available work on a 24/7 basis.

Resource optimization - Based actual workload and resource availability all items are prioritized based on SLA's. This secures maximum license utilization and optimal prioritization of work.

Monitoring - Digital workers and their performance are monitored 24/7.

Notification center - Users can personalize subscribtion to notifications on a wide range of events affecting operations, from resource availability, via session freezes to SLA breaches.

Event handling - RPA Supervisor is also capable of automatically solving many common issues affecting RPA operations such as changing logged in user, restarting terminated sessions, rebooting resource PCs, unlocking frozen sessions.

Advanced reporting - Customizable dashboard with live operational and business reporting.

Human-in-the-loop - Gives front-end users the ability to initiate processes and receive information via the web-interface. API and custom connectors to the MS suite and major low code platforms allows integration with exising user interfaces.

Flexible implementation options - RPA Supervisor is available both as a cloud service or as an on-premise solution. It is also VeraCode scanned and approved.


Published: 21 Apr 2021 | Updated: 21 Apr 2021

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