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Salesforce Activity Pack

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Salesforce Activity Pack

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Custom Activity

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Accelerate automation of Salesforce applications with native activities powered by the Salesforce Lightning Platform REST API


To automate operations in Salesforce, previously you could only use UI automation. Now you can also use the UiPath.Salesforce.Activities package from the Official Feed in Studio.

These activities go beyond UI automation by using the Salesforce Lightning Platform API. Easy to use with Configuration wizards, these activities operate on both standard and custom Salesforce objects. These activities can be used to automate sales operations such as quote to order processes, field service scenarios, customer service scenarios, and more.

To get started, install UiPath.Salesforce.Activities from the Official Feed in UiPath Studio
Activities include:

Salesforce Application Scope (Manage a secure connection to a Salesforce)
Salesforce Object - easy to use wizards to configure and test activities for operations on Salesforce Objects from within UiPath Studio.
  • Insert Record
  • Update Record
  • Upsert Record
  • Get Record
  • Get List View Records
  • Delete Record
  • Composite Request
Execute Report, Execute SOQL and Search - execute reports, queries, and searches.

File Management (Manage your files in Salesforce with these activities)
  • Upload File
  • Assign File
  • Download File
Bulk API - activities to create, start and manage Bulk API 2.0 Jobs for bulk data Insert, Update, Upsert and Delete.

Lightning REST API Request - a generic activity that uses the Salesforce Application Scope to invoke any Lightning REST API not available as a native activity in this activity pack.

For more details, see the About the Salesforce Activity Pack in the UiPath Activities Guide.


Published: 23 Oct 2020 | Updated: 23 Oct 2020

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Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)




Salesforce Lightning Platform (REST API - 45.0 - Spring '19 and above) UiPath RPA Platform - 2018.4+


Newtonsoft.Json [11.0.2, ) RestSharp [106.3.1, ) CsvHelper [2.13.5, )


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