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Add native integration to ServiceNow with UiPath Studio Activities.



Integrating ServiceNow with UiPath for Enhanced IT Service Management

ServiceNow, a leading provider of IT service management, help desk functionality, and comprehensive employee and customer workflows, seamlessly integrates with UiPath robots through dedicated functionalities. This collaboration is facilitated by two primary mechanisms: the ServiceNow activity package and the UiPath Connector for ServiceNow.

UiPath connector for ServiceNow

Using the Orchestrator APIs, the UiPath Connector for ServiceNow (aka UiPath spoke) enables the inbound automation from ServiceNow to UiPath. This inbound automation support gives you the ability to start/stop jobs and create, retrieve, and edit your UiPath robots, all from within your ServiceNow instance.

For more information and to get started, see UiPath spoke in the ServiceNow documentation.

ServiceNow activity package

Using the ServiceNow API, the activities give your UiPath robot(s) the ability to manage your attachments (add, delete, and download) and records (get, update, insert, and delete).

If you're ready to start using the ServiceNow activities, see the Get Started section. To learn more about the package, keep reading to see How it works and the Technical References.

The ServiceNow Activities package includes the following activities:


  • ServiceNow Scope - Establishes an authenticated connection between UiPath and your ServiceNow instance.

For all Standard and Custom Objects

Import Sets

Bulk API




Practical Applications of the ServiceNow Activities Package

The ServiceNow Activities package can be applied to various use cases, enhancing automation, efficiency, and collaboration:

  • Incident Management Automation - Automate the creation and updating of incident records in ServiceNow directly from UiPath. This can include retrieving incident details, updating their status, and attaching relevant documents.
  • Service Request Automation - Utilize UiPath to automate the insertion of service request records into ServiceNow. This involves creating new requests, updating their status, and managing attachments such as supporting documents.
  • Employee Onboarding and Offboarding - Automate the creation and deletion of user records in ServiceNow during employee onboarding and offboarding processes. This includes managing associated documents and records.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3

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