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SharePoint Custom Activities Package

Bronze Certified

Custom Activity

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SharePoint Custom Activities Package

Bronze Certified

Custom Activity

20 reviews



A custom activities package that allows the management of List Items, Library Files and Folders, Users, Groups and Permissions. New activities and 2 new authentication modes have been added in v1.7.0



The latest version comes with 2 brand new Authentication Methods: AppOnly and AzureApp. (full details for these 2 can be found in the PDF documentation in the resources Tab)

AzureApp is a login mode that will use an Azure App to impersonate a specific user and perform actions on their behalf. It uses the AzureApplicationID, AzureAppPermissions, Username and Password/SecurePassword properties. This login mode is only available for SharePoint Online instances only.

You should use AppOnly for SharePoint sites for which you are able to create an app-principal. When you create a SharePoint app-principal you will obtain a Client Id and a Client Secret and you will use the two codes for logging in and the credentials are no longer required!
This is an indepth guide on how an app-principal can be created:
This cheatsheet can be used to assign permissions to an Appp-Principal:

The WebLogin Authentication Mode (found under the SharePoint Instance Type property) which can potentially authenticate the robot even if the SharePoint instance is using 3rd party identity providers or if only multi factor authentication is possible. This happens by prompting the user to insert their credentials the first time the workflow is executed, afterwards which the robot stays authenticated. Given that this mode requires human input, it is recommended that this authentication mode is used only for attended automation

1.SharePoint Activity Scope
· AddListItem
· GetListItems
· DeleteListItems
· UpdateListItems
· AddListItemAttachments
· GetListItemAttachments
· DeleteListItemAttachments
· CreateFolder
· Delete
· GetChildrenNames
· GetFile
· UploadFile
· UploadLargeFile
· MoveItem
· RenameItem
· Check In File
· Check Out File
· Discard check out
· AddUsersToGroup
· CreateUserGroup
· RemoveGroup
· RemoveUserFromGroup
· GetUser
· GetAllUsersInsideGroup
· AddPermission
· RemovePermission
· GetAllPermissionsFromGroup
6. Sign Out
7. Get Web Login User
8. GetTimezone

· Have access to an instance of SharePoint and an account with all the necessary permissions. You will not be able to use this package using your credentials to do any operations that you couldn't do on your SharePoint environment in the browser.
· This solution might not work if your SharePoint instance is using a 3rd party Identity Provider.

Please find more details on how to use each of the activities on the package in the attached documentation!


Published: 11 May 2020 | Updated: 19 May 2021


By clicking download you agree to the following license.

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)




UiPath 2018.4 or above Only version 1.7.0 is compatible with Studio 2021.4!!!


Microsoft.SharePoint2016.CSOM -

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