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SimpliGov - Custom Activities Package

SimpliGov - Custom Activities Package

by SimpliGov LLC




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Boost your RPA implementation on SimpliGov with native activities in the public sector, powered by the SimpliGov Platform External REST API



The SimpliGov Platform provides UiPath with a complementary, web-based forms capability that empowers government to electronically capture data and route it to UiPath for downstream process automation. With SimpliGov, a government agency can accelerate automation by designing, configuring and deploying HTML5 forms to capture key government and individual citizen information. For a government that is struggling with paper-based forms and looking to avoid costly scanning, imaging and legacy OCR products, SimpliGov enables you to unlock the valuable data trapped in paper-based forms.

Activities include:

Up-front Data Validations – Ensure data is validated before sending the information to UiPath. SimpliGov provides the following out-the-box validations: Alphabetic, Currency, Numeric Decimals, Phone, Email, Alphanumeric, Numeric, Social Security Number and Regular Expressions.

Form and Workflow Designers – Enables form/process administrators to configure the look-and-feel of the forms an end-user will interact with. The Workflow designer enables government to configure and respond to API-based responses from UiPath.

Flexible API Integrations – Provide a highly flexible approach for communicating with UiPath services via API. This capability enables SimpliGov to pass captured form data to UiPath Orchestrator(s) for automation.



Using this activity can help streamline repetitive, governmental activities by automating a commonly requested process. Reduce process execution time from minutes to few seconds. Build automations that are independent of user interface and layout changes in SimpliGov Reduce learning time with consistent user experience across activities for different public sector applications. The background automation is extremely fast, and the automation is safe because it’s totally independent from your web browsers and the SimpliGov layout. Interactions between people and the software is greatly reduced, leading to a reduction in the number of errors.

Additional Information

Additional Information


SimpliGov REST API enabled. UiPath Platform APIs


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)


SimpliGov LLC

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October 27, 2021

Works with

Studio: 21.4 - 22.10



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