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Simplify automating processes that use Smartsheet by replacing UI operations with background API calls.



Introduction to Smartsheet's Cloud-Based Work Execution Platform

Smartsheet offers a cloud-based work execution platform designed to empower teams in planning, capturing, managing, automating, and reporting on work at a large scale. The platform offers a range of services, including streamlined facilities management, customer experience management, budget and planning management, and related solutions.

Automation Capabilities with UiPath Smartsheet Activities

The UiPath Smartsheet Activities facilitate the automation of interactions within the Smartsheet application. Through the Smartsheet API, this activities package equips UiPath robots with the capability to execute functions and actions seamlessly across the entire Smartsheet platform.

Before the scope activity can be used to establish a connection, you must complete the steps outlined in the Setup guide. After you complete the Setup steps, you can begin building your automation projects.

Key Activities in the UiPath Smartsheet Package

The Smartsheet Activities package includes the following activities:

  • Smartsheet Scope - Establishes an authenticated connection between UiPath and your Smartsheet resources.
  • Invoke Smartsheet Operation - Allows you to specify any public Smartsheet API operation and its relevant properties.
  • Search Activity - Allows you to search for items anywhere in Smartsheet or your personal workspace.
  • Send via Email - Allows you to send a sheet, rows, or report via email natively from within Smartsheet.
  • Share Object - Allows you to share a sheet with other Smartsheet users or groups.


  • Attach File - Attaches a file to a row, comment, or sheet via local folder.
  • Attach URL - Attaches a file to a row, comment, or sheet via URLs.
  • Delete Attachment - Deletes an attachment.
  • Get Attachment - Retrieves an attachment and optionally downloads it to a folder of your choosing.
  • List Attachments - Allows you to retrieve a list of all the attachments for a sheet, row, or discussion.


  • Add Comment - Allows you to add a comment a discussion.
  • Delete Comment - Deletes a specific comment.
  • Get Comment - Allows you retrieve a comment and to download it to a folder you choose.


  • Add Rows - Adds rows to a sheet.
  • Copy Rows - Copies rows from the sheet specified in the URL to (the bottom of) another sheet.
  • Delete Rows - Deletes one or more rows.
  • Get Row - Retrieves a specific row and returns it as a Row object.
  • List Rows - Retrieves one or more rows from a sheet and returns it as a Row array.
  • Move Rows - Moves rows from the sheet specified in the URL to (the bottom of) another sheet.
  • Update Rows - Inserts one or more rows into the sheet.
  • List Discussions - Gets a list of discussions from a sheet or a row.


  • Copy Sheet - Copies an existing sheet to a new location.
  • Create Sheet - Creates a new sheet in a specified location.
  • Create Sheet From Template - Creates a new sheet from a template you specify.
  • Download Sheet - Downloads a sheet you specify to a local folder.
  • Get Sheet - Retrieves a specific sheet and allows you to set various options on which data is retrieved.
  • List Sheets - Retrieves a set of sheets based on filters you set.
  • Update Sheet - Updates an existing sheet based on criteria you specify.
  • Import Sheet from CSV / XLSX - Imports CSV or XLSX data into a new sheet in the top-level "sheets" folder.


  • Add User - Allows you to add a new user to Smartsheet.
  • Get User - Retrieves a user by User ID or email address.
  • List Users - Retrieves a list of users.
  • Remove User - Removes a user by User ID or email address and has the option to re-assign their assets to another user.


  • Copy Workspace - Copies an existing workspace.
  • Create Workspace - Creates a new workspace and returns the newly created Workspace object as an output.
  • List Workspaces - Retrieves a list of workspaces based on filters you set.



Advantages of the UiPath Smartsheet Activities

The main advantages of the activities are:

  • native ability to run create, update and manage sheets and rows.
  • easily interact and manage other Smartsheet components including attachments, comments, folders, groups, users, and workspaces.
  • import CSV and Excel files directly into Smartsheet natively.
  • simple paths to search across Smartsheet, share objects, and send Smartsheet objects via email.
  • native support to call any of the nearly 200 public API methods via WYSIWYG configuration.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3 Google.Apis.Oauth2.v2 >= Smartsheet CSharp SDK >= 2.101.0

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